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Nov 16, 2007 12:01 PM

Red Onion in Durham, NC

On a tip from beebs on the cheap soul food thread I checked out Red Onion in the Phoenix Crossings shopping center on Fayetteville St. off the Durham Freeway. For $6.40 you can get 1 meat and 2 sides, or for $9.20 it's AYCE, both including drink. The meat options were fried chicken, fried pork chops, smothered chops, and salsbury steak. They were also in the process of making baked chicken but we didn't get any. I got a smothered chop and a fried wing along with collard greens, lima beans and corn, and sweet potatoes. My wife got the salsbury steak, lima beans and corn, and stewed cabbage. Everything was good to very good. The veggies were undersalted but once adjusted with table salt and vinegar applied to the greens and cabbage the taste was spot on. They also had corn (didn't look good), broccoli and cheese, macaroni cheese, green beans, and maybe one or two other things we didn't try.

This is definitely a mom and pop type place so be a little lenient on the service. The food, however, is better than any other Southern food joint I've tried in the Triangle. I won't make that drive out to Ye Old Country Kitchen any more.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. FYI for people that may try to go there-- they've closed.

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        Yeah, I heard about two weeks ago that Red Onion closed...and I'm sorry I didn't find out about it sooner so as to have noshed there for months before the it goes....