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Cheapest edible sushi in the area?

The title says it all. Suggestions?

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  1. Wok & Roll has happy hour from 5-8 on weekdays with $1 pieces. Is that cheap enough?
    It's on H Street at 6th in Penn Quarter. I tried to attach the link to it but it wasn't working.

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        Wok and roll is pretty nasty, among the worst in town. I agree with below, Kotobuki is the way to go. Cheap and better than 90% of the sushi in town.

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          i went with my kids to wok and roll before a capitals game last season and the sushi was good and fresh. we sat at the sushi bar. although it wasn't to die for, it was good and I would likely go back

      2. The sushi platters at Costco can be surprisingly cheap. I don't know what they cost now. Nor can I remember what I paid for them in the past. But I do remember that, when I purchased them for office parties, everyone was amazed at both the price and the taste-and-quality-given-the-price.

        Costco Wholesale: Pentagon City
        1200 S Fern St, Arlington, VA

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          I hereby retract my recommendation of Costco sushi. This afternoon, I had some Costco sushi at an office party. The sushi was inedible -- nothing like the sushi sold by Costco in previous years.

        2. Kotobuki's is known for being cheap and actually good (haven't been personally). Cafe Asia has $1 nigiri during happy hour.

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            Kotobuki is $1 a piece for most stuff and $2.25 for toro & yellow tail. Pretty darned good and good value. Cheaper than buying it at retail at WFM etc.

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              I'll third Kotobuki. It's not the best sushi in town, but it's well above average, and dirt cheap.

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                i'll fourth kotobuki. the sushi is wonderful and very cheap. runner up would be sushi-ko which is pricier but still reasonable and tasty.

          2. Depending what the area I think the sushi at Sakana on P Street in Dupont Circle is well priced and tastes excellent (specifically the Sakana Tempura Roll...mmmmmmm) Not too expensive at all..it's not like $1 a piece or anything but my bill for a meal is rarely over $20 (includes a drink or an appetizer of edamme.)

            1. Todai buffet in Fair Oaks (Fairfax) mall. $17 lunch $30 dinner

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                Todai is ok, but $30 for dinner is far from cheap. You can eat reasonably well at GREAT sushi places for close to $30.

                Kotobuki's quality far outstrips Todai, and if you can spend $30 there, you basically DID eat an all-you-can-eat buffet...

              2. Osaka in Springfield, VA, near the Springfield Mall has happy hour with half price sushi that's pretty good. I can't remember when it is--maybe before 5pm.

                1. Like some folks already said, Kotobuki is a great bang-for-the-buck kinda place, and I absolutely love their sushi. However, I've started going to Cafe Asia's happy hour and I like most of their $1 pieces better than Kotobuki's, especially the HUGE slice of eel! I reserve Kotobuki for a few times a year when I want to gorge, mainly because of the long trip on the D6 bus. For cravings, I'll hit Cafe Asia's happy hour.

                  Great. Now I can't stop thinking about Kotobuki's $1 lobster...

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                    There is a little place in Rosslyn called Tomo Sushi - reasonably priced and very good. At the intersection of Wilson and Ft. Myer I believe ...

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                      Follow-up on Cafe Asia. The few of us in the office today were treated to take-out lunch there---anything under $10, which isn't hard to find on the entree menu, but (I thought) pretty hard to get a decent amount of sushi at that price. I saw a Lunch Bento Box on the menu for $9, and the host manning the phones was kind enough to detail the selection: california roll, 4 pieces of sashimi, 4 pieces of nigiri. It was a great deal, and tasty as always. Our order arrived with an extra miso soup, which we figured was either a mistake or belonged to me. I wouldn't recommend the soup, but hey, the sushi more than made up for it and $9 for all that was well worth it.

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                        The $9 sushi lunch special always comes with soup just for future readers. That used to be my regular lunch when I worked in DC, after I became a regular I got them to sub a salad with that carrot ginger dressing for like $1-2 more because I like that dressing, but I don't know that they will normally do that, but only once did I have a piece of sushi I thought wasn't very fresh, I think they have pretty good turnover.

                    2. I have been going to Taipei Tokyo in Rockville/ N. Bethesda for over a decade now. Nice, thick, good quality pieces of fish and not too much rice (I find that most value places give you an enormous rice ball and a sliver of fish). The rolls at lunch time are a steal. I think its something like $2.50 for 6 pieces of roll (don't quote me on this but I think eel is included in this deal). Look, its not the same quality you get on the west coast, or raku for that matter, but I think its top notch for budget in the dc area.

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                        We like Yosaku on Wisconsin Ave. near tenley - not dirt cheap, but not bad especially compared to Sushi-Ko.

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                          Yosaku has a happy hour with $1 nigiri, I think, anyway it's pretty good. I recommend sitting at the bar instead of a table. Sometimes the crew gives you a little bit extra....

                      2. Spices and Cafe Asia have been consistent for me. Sizzling Express near Eastern Market has been a reliable standby as well.

                        1. For lunch, I head to Cafe Express on the corner of 15th and L NW. Its a newly-renovated cafe with sushi, sashimi, and teriyaki bowls. The sushi starts at $3 a roll, with combo boxes for $9 (6 pieces of sashimi and a roll), and is made fresh to order. Its a bit unexpected, but a great place which I hope survives among a myriad of generic fast food outlets.

                          1. Did someone already mention Matuba (Arlington, Columbia Pike at S. Walter Reed) $1 a piece night, I think it's Mondays only and not everything is a dollar, but I've always liked them.

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                              Kotobuki is your best bet, but I'd mention in addition that the Korean buffet at Hee Been (sp?) just off I-395 on Little River Tpke. always had pretty good sushi at lunch time, and you can eat it until you're blue in the face. But I've not been for a good while so can't be sure it's still true. I've never been for dinner. Maybe Wayne Keyser has an update.

                              1. I am presently eating carryout Rainbow Sushi from the Lotte market in Germantown. Made to order, very good, and dirt cheap. Plus the couple who runs it (it's a concession inside Lotte) gave me a gratis hand roll while I waited.

                                Highly recommended for carryout in Montgomery County.

                                This is the same place with the Bon Chon chicken to go, also.

                                1. Probably Matuba (Columbia Pike).

                                  1. Can I just recommend that you don't choose sushi with price as a major concern? Sushi is not like pizza where even if its bad, its kind of good. When sushi is bad, its not worth it at any price.

                                    Also, please do not ever by sushi at Costco (pizza at Costco is fine).

                                    1. Fifth for Kotobuki. Cafe Express I didn't think for what it is, was cheap ($6-7 for a tuna roll take away). I find the sushi at Harris-Teeter to be very good for the price with the one near me (Pentagon City) very fresh at lunch at about $1.50 each (6 pcs for $9). It is nothing fancy, but the rice has a nice texture (not much in the way of subtle vinegar flavor, but what do you want) and nice sized fresh looking/smelling/tasking slices of fish. Really if you think of what the origins of sushi/sashimi is- a quick bite sized snack of rice and fish (I think originally it was preserved fish) HT and other supermarkets that have a sushi counter really harken back to the origins of the dish, in a way.