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Nov 16, 2007 10:02 AM

Homemade Blueberry Vodka Recipe Needed

Does anyone have a good recipe for making homemade blueberry vodka? (Not making the vodka itself per se) I wouldn't know what to do other than add blueberries to a bottle of vodka, let it sit for a few weeks in the fridge, then strain. Is there anything to it other than that?

I thought this might make a nice holiday gift for friends...put in a pretty bottle & tie with a bow. I just don't want to waste good vodka if I don't have a tried and true recipe.

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  1. pretty simple....your favorite vodka....pour out 1/3 of it into a separate container....rinse and dry your blueberries....score each blueberry with a small nick and place into the bottle...add back the vodka that was set aside until filled just below the neck of the bottle...set aside in a dark place for two weeks....that should work....

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    1. re: robertjsweet

      Thanks so much! How many blueberries should I use (ie. 1/2 cup or what?)
      Also, can I use frozen blueberries if I defrost them first? If so, would I need to nick each blueberry or not?


      1. re: ctflowers

        seems to work best with about a pint....or close to a pint....that's about 2 cups of blueberries....seems like a lot...but gives better flavor....frozen blueberries should work...should nick them as well....

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          I would then strain the blueberries from the vodka, then add a few for decoration in the bottle...I think leaving all the blueberries would detract from the look of the vodka...

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            Thanks for your help! I'll definitely make the blueberry vodka & will let you know what I think of it (of course, saving a bottle for myself)

    2. Thanks for the idea, thinking I may give this a try - any need to refrigerate the vodka, or does on the shelf work just fine? Also, does this work for most fruits? I have some raspberries soaking in Maker's Mark in my fridge from this sumer, gonna bring it out for the holidays and see what happened:)

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        no need to actually does better in a dark place...two weeks is usually enough time to flavor the liquor but extra time won't hurt...

      2. Blueberries are quite bland in vodka cherries or raspberry are much nicer but make sure you use plenty of sugar and allow as long as your willpower allows for the flavours to come out of the fruit keep the fruit when your finished too for a very potent trifle.

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          I've made several infused vodkas. As you mention,raspberry is very good to use.I've also used pineapple,apples and cinnamon and some others.They've all come out very well.I've never used sugar though.I think this would change it from an infused vodka to more of a liqueur.More viscous,etc.I prefer the cleaner flavor of just vodka and fruit,although some fruit like cranberries, peaches and possibly blueberries may lend themselves more to making a liqueur than an infused vodka.

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            Ocean Spray introduced a Blueberry cocktail and it is one of the few juices that is not 100% juice, because blueberries alone are not sweet enough. That's why they also introduced the Blueberry Diet cocktail, because the regular has so much sugar added.

            I'd appreciate the aroma of a Blueberry infused vodka, but it would need to be mixed with a sweetener like triple sec to taste good.