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Nov 16, 2007 09:48 AM

How far ahead?

Can I make Thanksgiving pies? Specifically pumpkin and apple? I'm going to try the paper bag apple pie recipe that I got from this website. Do either absolutely have to be refrigerated?

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  1. I would not make them more than 24-36 hours in advance, as they tend to get soggy unless refrigerated. I like to make my pies and pastries the night before.

    1. If you are making a double crust apple pie it does not need to be refrigerated and the truth is I've had 5-day old apple pie and enjoyed it as much as on the first day. Sure nothing taste better than one that's just fresh out of the oven but once it's been left out to cool for like 10 hours it all tastes the same until it gets bad. Pumpkin pie is a custard and may need refrigeration if left out for more than 1 day. So if you do plan on making it ahead of time, refrigerate it. The day of the pie can be left out all day. Good luck.

      1. I've always heard that pie should NOT be refrigerated, except for coconut custard. They should last for a week, although this was from Mrs Smiths or someone like that. But it supposedly ruins pies to refrigerate.