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Nov 16, 2007 09:39 AM

Suggestions for rehearsal dinner near Trumbull, CT

I'm getting married next April in Trumbull, CT. I need some suggestions for somewhere to hold the rehearsal dinner. It will probably be around 25-30 people. Just about everyone will be coming in from out of the area and won't know their way around so I'm hoping to keep it close to Trumbull or at least not far off the Merritt. Any thoughts?

We looked at the Red Barn but the room upstairs might be too small. Has anyone had a party there? What were your thoughts?

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  1. If you were considering going as far as the Red Barn in Westport, why not go south on #25 into Bridgeport. Neighborhoods are a little less polished then Westport, but there are some very good spots there.
    My choice would be Ralph and Richs, they can easilly handle that group in the back. Might not be a private room, but Rich could hook you up with something. The food there is top notch.
    Other suggestions might be Marisas right there in Trumbull, allthough the food is good, not great.
    Also, check out Vazzys or Carl Anthonys north on 25.

    1. I'd definitely check out Il Palio in Shelton. It's a first-class restaurant, very handsome, with good food and service. There are upstairs rooms that would serve your purpose very well.

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        agreed with il palio-- superb and can handle a group with ease