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Nov 16, 2007 09:34 AM

The new Crazyweed - Canmore

John Gilchrist reviewed the new Crazyweed this morning on the Calgary Eyeopener. He gave it a "history-making" 10 out of 10. Has anyone else been to the new location who can report back?

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  1. We were out there last night for dinner and were pleased with the experience. I don't think I could give out the perfect 10 but it was definitely the best food I've had in the Calgary area in a while. The new room is much bigger than the old location and I'm sure has spectacular views in the daytime but with the white walls and high ceilings it verges on being cavernous. As before the pizzas are excellent and the wine list should satisfy most people. I had the seafood and thai red curry which was a touch too spicy for my wifes taste but I found excellent. It came with a lot of perfectly cooked scallops and shrimp.

    There has been some comments on these boards about the service, ours was excellent except that we called 4 times to make a reservation and never got through to a live person. Overall a strong 9 out of 10 for me

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      Thanks for the report, mrcanoehead. Was the restaurant busy when you were there? I wonder if the service inconsistencies have something to do with busy-ness.

      I'm thinking of heading out for lunch one Saturday and, hopefully, taking advantage of the views.

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        We showed up around 6:30 and got the last non-reserved table in the place and it stayed full all evening, it seemed like there was enough staff on to cover the room so maybe they've staffed up for the new location...

        I'll definately be back to try lunch one of these days.

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          are they open evenings now, I seem to recall that they closed around 7 when it was the other location. where have they opened. I have not tried it b/c of the hrs (and no seats) in the past.

    2. Where is the new location? I fly into Calgary usually once a year and make a point of driving to Canmore one day to visit and dine.

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          It's on Railway Avenue, head west past Sobeys & Safeway - big, new building on the corner.

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            From my understanding, from talking to others and experiencing him personally, John Gilchrist will give great reviews to establishments that "take care" of him, "you know that sort of thing". Anyways Crazyweed is very good, better than most meals I have experienced in Calgary

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              We visited the new Crazyweed - pizza was terrific and service was congenial and pleasant as always - however, $80.00 (tip included) for two pizzas and couple of glasses of wine is beyond my pocketbook - won't be in a hurry to go back - I think the price on the main courses are on the high side also - on another note -

              I agree buddah cabaret - I was helping out a friend at his Seafood store a few years back - this person came in oozing pretension and arrogance - he started a conversation and at the end was given his order with something extra wrapped up - no charge - I said is that who I think it is? - sure enough it was - never trusted anything said or written from then on - sad sad man - ok - i'll put my nice face back on - that's the vent for the day - cheers,

      1. My wife and I were there in November and the new location was everything I had hoped for. I must admit a bias though as I worked at the old location back in 2000 for a stretch.

        Nevertheless We began with the crab-meat harumaki and a pour of the fantastic house sake. Hot little bundles, very crisp outside and busting with flavor inside, a perfect match with the delicately sweet cold sake.
        Next For mains I chose the rice crusted halibut and my wife the green curry seafood bowl. This was the thickest chunk of halibut I have ever seen covered in a surreal crust of puffed rice, looked like rice crispies but far crunchier. Very moist fish with a smidge of green curry sauce in the bottom of the plate and rice, yummy! My wifes curry was jammed with all sorts of stuff, shrimp, scallop, grilled eggplant... quite spicy as well, but thats what she wanted, right on the money. The prices are up, but hey the whole package with the gorgeous building and numerous staff seems to be hitting it's stride. For us it was a destination meal on a quick trip through Calgary and Edmonton for music, a great start to our weekend.

        1. We were there in late Dec. and I was very impressed with the food quality and the service was attentive, friendly, and professional. I sort of miss the old homey-ness of the old location. I personally don't care for modern decor, but Crazyweed is much much more spacious which is great. We arrived just as lunch service started, and after an hour, the place was full.

          We shared the Malaysian Spicy Wings, marinated in Soy and chiles for a starter; nice and spicy but with a subtle sweetness. The wings were offset by a serving of fresh baby greens in a creamy pomegranate dressing. It being lunchtime, I had the burger, and the meat was lean, but very juicy and flavorful, the patty being made-in house (I would have expected no less) I'm wondering if the bun was made in-house as well, it was almost like brioche and looked like it was homemade. Mr. S had the Vietnamese meatball sandwich and he loved it. The frites with our sandwiches were accompanied by the house-made ketchup which was the only thing we did not care for, a little too sweet and bland. Sometimes there's no replacing good ol Heinz . We saw pizzas going by and they looked amazing.

          For dessert we shared a serving of house-made ice cream ( all that is offered for dessert at lunch is ice cream) , rum raisin and caramel. Overall, we were very happy; the food was delicious and we will be back there very soon. I noticed too, the prices had gone up -- around $70.00 for lunch for two with no drinks. However we do feel the food and experience were worth it.

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            My wife and I had dinner at Crazy Weed 2 weeks ago, and loved it. We had a 6pm reservation and were surprised at all the people waiting outside or in their cars outside to get in when the doors opened at 6.

            We shared the Vietnamese Meatballs appetizer, the Surf and Turf pizza and the Chicken with pomengranate glaze (i think that is how to describe it). All were great - but the highlight was the salad that accompanied the chicken. Spinach leaves, some fruit slices, and a vinaigrette combined with the creme fraise and goat cheese. I think the best salad i've ever had, it tasted so refreshing.

            As this is my first ever visit to Crazy Weed, I can't compare it to the old location. But I will say that I liked the modern decor of this place.

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              Had lunch there this past Friday; they don't take reservations for lunch for small groups. We walked in around 12:30, no problem getting a table for 2, in fact, at no time was the restaurant completely full.

              Our service was impeccable and I loved the decor, especially the very comfortable chairs at the tables and the way each one is done in a different but complementary color.

              I had the Lambwich flatbread with eggplant relish; amazing! I could only eat half, so they packaged it up and I ate it cold two days later; still amazing and not at all soggy; the lamb melted in my mouth.

              My daughter had the Eggplant panini with brie and fresh basil. One of the definitive signs of a good chef for me, is someone who can serve eggplant that is neither bitter, soggy nor greasy and this eggplant did not disappoint. The pefectly fresh basil was refreshing and her accompanying simple green salad with a yuzu fruit juice dressing was a lovely touch.

              I think their prices are very reasonable as well, at least at lunch.

              As an aside, we spent the weekend in Golden and went to the Whitetooth Bistro for dinner on Saturday night. What a gorgeous space; cinnamon red walls with chocolate brown upholstery and accents. It has been recently opened by the former chef from the Eagle's Eye Restaurant at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and that is pretty much all that needs to be said! However, I do have to add more!....... my risotto cake entree was one of the most delightfully textured dishes I have ever tasted. Imagine the creaminess of risotto pressed into a thin cake which is stuffed with Brie and fesh sage and then lightly pan-fried to create a golden, crispy caramelized crust. I will dream about this risotto.........

              The service was excellent and the prices incredibly reasonable. The winelist was well thought out, with a good selection of offerings by the glass; both in the usual 6 oz size, but also in a 9 ounce size which I think is a great idea if one wishes to drink more than one glass of wine with a meal but not order a full bottle for whatever reason.

              They are not taking reservations at this time; but are waiting to see if there is a demand. When we left at 7:30, there was no line-up, but it was full; as well, it is considered to be low season for most of January in Golden.

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                we had lunch there on saturday - also had the lambwich and the other steak flatbread - both delicious. it's a nice space, but needs something on the walls. service was ok, a touch slow but not terrible. the thing that got me was the price of the wine - if the one wine i know the price of in the store was any indication, it was almost triple mark-up. I thought it was usually double and a few extra dollars....that was a bit disappointing. I can't pay $71 for a $24 bottle of wine.

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                  I could not agree with you more!
                  My partner and I really enjoyed a meal there in late November, service, menu, decor, plating.. everything was top notch.. BUT the drinks were way way way over priced! My partner was drinking a few different varieties of Belgian beers (you know those little tiny bottles) well they were $13 each! my wine as well was 3x the store price and the Qvarzia water was steep too!

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                    do you need a reservation for a weekend dinner? does anyone know if they do byob? that would cut down the price of wine.

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      I would make reservations. At their old location you needed to make reservations at least a few days in advance -- they seem just as popular as at the old location!