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Nov 16, 2007 09:17 AM

Where do you eat in Apex, NC?

Choices are expanding - unfortunately mostly with chain restaurants.

I like Daniels Pizza and Pasta but I don't find it incredible, the same with Mamma Mia Italian. Cinelli's is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with Italian food.

Skippers Seafood is adequate if you want a fried fish meal with slaw and french fries.

I had high hopes for Jessica's Cafe (formerly Riz Raz) when I saw they were serving Mexican food but when I stopped in on a friday night the place was practically empty and my tacos (al pastor and barbacoa) were greasy and didn't taste fresh. I swear I heard the microwave beep from the kitchen several times before my plate came out.

Peak City Grill is decent but usually crowded on the weekends and I think it is overpriced. The steak I had there was delicious but the sides were very "meh". The brunch I had there was okay but expensive.

For quick chinese China One is pretty good. They are very accomodating to special requests and they have the BEST eggrolls. Their dumplings (pork) were thick and chewy and the meat mixture inside was unrecognizable and saturated with a dark tasteless sauce.

Tamarind Indian buffet is excellent. A saturday night dinner there was also excellent although it was disappointing that Naan does not come with the entrees.

Sorry if this sounds negative about all the ones I've mentioned - - maybe I've been watching too much Kitchen nightmares -- but I just haven't found a "go to" place that is local and fresh and not too expensive in Apex.


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    1. Ciao! Osteria
      near by...Wasabi

      1. I used to live in Apex and love Daniels Pizza Pasta - I try to go there whenever I come back to visit. I highly recommend them, just order something other than pasta and marinara sauce - I think their marinara is a bit bland.

        However, I recommend the tortellini with alfredo sauce - nothing else compares. I don't even try alfredo elsewhere. Also the lobster ravioli is great.

        Their wine selection is excellent, and the wine by the glass has a fun selection.

        1. there isn' t a lot of good original spots in apex. I agree, Peak City isn't that great. Try Bisto 64 on 64 at McGreggor Village. I have had some really good meals there lately.

          1. Our new go to place is called ichiban. Its a great japanese sushi/steak place. Very nice people there. If you have kids they have good sweet carrots and cheese gyoza. Tasty.

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              I've heard good things about the food at the new Tyler's Apex location. It's pretty standard bar fare. They have like 80 taps.