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Nov 16, 2007 09:05 AM

How is the "Club Car Cafe" in West Concord, MA

Does it pull off decent diner food?
How is the ambiance? Is it suitably dinerish?

I see one mention of it in the Boston + New England boards, and that was long ago -- in 2003, and not much has been said for it. Should I take that as an indication that it's not worth going to?

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  1. Good honest food, big portions. Not out of the ordinary. If in W. Concord, a go but not a destination.

    1. I love this place. It's very unassuming and serves as the commuter rail station for the local line. There's regular traffic in and out with folks picking up a coffee and pastry to go, but the full breakfast meals are excellent. I've ordered about everything they serve and have enjoyed it all. My kids enjoy watching the trains stop outside, and a model train circle inside near the ceiling.

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        Anyway, I was wondering if the construction they were doing last year on this is all done, and how it's changed... (not that I've been there to begin with, but I'm curious what people think)

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          The construction is finished and the restaurant in and out is now very attractive. It's a friendly atmosphere and a great restaurant for parents to bring children. From what i've seen they get a mix of all crowds- elders,teens,parents with children. Not only is it beside the train tracks, but also has a toy train that travels throughout the restaurant. The food is inexpensive, delicious, and the portions are huge. A must go spot!