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Nov 16, 2007 09:05 AM

Steak and Sushi - Apex, NC

Just saw that the NY Deli has now become Ichiban? Sushi and Steak in Haddon Hall Commons (shopping center with Harris Teeter). If anyone tries it out please post your review.

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  1. i tried Ichiban and I was not impressed. I had the lunch roll special - tuna roll, salmon roll and california roll. The tuna did not seem fresh at all - it was dark and very firm. the rest of the rolls were adequate but no comparison to other sushi I've had in the area . I was disappointed as it would be so great to have not expensive sushi that is tasty close by. For now I will stick with Wasabi - definitely more expensive but the taste and freshness is worth it.

    1. At first, I was a little skeptical after reading the initial report from Tool Princess. However, I decided to give it a try. My wife and I both had hibachi - 'Emperor's Delight.' We were pleasantly surprised. The dinners were as good as Kanki's, the difference being the sweet carrots a wonderful addition to the dish. As for sushi, I only tried the Rainbow, Crunchy, and Salmon Nigiri. The sushi I had tasted as fresh as any I've tried in RTP - Akashi, Shiki Sushi. The rolls were a little bigger than what I've had at the latter two, so the sushi I ordered was just a bit much for dinner. Give this place a try, there may have been start-up issues in the beginning, and patrons are noticing; this place does well on weekend nights, and I can see why.

      If you're looking for another good place for dinner in Apex whose food is comparable to Kanki, Ichiban is the place. Take out is available.

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        Thanks for updating this post. I will have to give it another try. I only tried the sushi so I will have to go again and try the hibachi.

      2. We go to Ichiban all the time, service is alway great. I love sushi!!!! but I break out if I eat a bad roll . ( I take the risk looking like a red ball for sushi) But my point is I never broke out from Ichiban. Another way I can tell if its good sushi is by the salmon, Is Ichiban alway buttery.... FYI if you go to Wasabi count your rolls. They all was short us when we go there.