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Nov 16, 2007 09:02 AM

Good Quality Diner - Toronto

Can anyone recommend a good old-fashioned diner type restuarant for proper home cooked style food - willing to go anywhere in Toronto - have tried a lot of the usual suspects and usually disappointed (frozen fries, canned soup, kraft salad dressing, bad souvlaki, etc.) Does such a thing exist in Toronto??


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    1. re: spades

      I like Flo's Diner in Yorkville
      I normally go during the week, not as buzy
      Friendly service, nice booths and never had a problem with my breaky!

      Not sure if it is the down-home cooking natural ingredients however
      but I go for the GREASE!

      I heard that MIMI'S was good, never been
      and there are a few on AVENUE ROAD also