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Nov 16, 2007 09:02 AM

Pacific Lobsters-where are they??

Trying to locate live Pacific Lobsters....has anyone seen them? We used to be able to get them good and cheap at our local 99 Ranch market but not this year apparently. Saw them at Fish King but whoa! $22/lb! No thanks, I'll keep looking. So the search continues....would love to find a source somewhere near the Pasadena area.

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  1. santa monica seafood, nowhere close, but worth the trip.

    1. Santa Monica Seafood has them, but bear in mind that their prices are generally quite a bit higher than Fish King.

      1. I get them from the Anjin II at sm farmer's markets. I think $17.00/lb and delicious. She is also at other farmer's markets.

        1. HK Supermarket on San Gabriel. They have tonnes of them. Live and cheap! (if you can call that cheap..well, cheaper than Santa Monica!)

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            thanks for the info! Any idea on the cost per lb at HK Supermarket?

          2. Pretty pricey- but - I ate 5 meals off a 2-1/2 pounder from Quality Seafood in Redondo so at $21+/lb.... I had a Dungeness the day before and the meat yield was not even comparable. The spiny lobster was a great tasty deal. And these guys are so angry and alive they practically flip out of the fishmongers hands.