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Nov 16, 2007 08:45 AM

Best Braised Dish in Seattle?

Hi. My wife and I are planning a short trip to Seattle in about a month and our favorite things to eat are braised. I’d love to learn where the best places to get a nice short rib, pork belly, beef cheeks or anything else you’d suggest.
Thanks a lot, everybody.

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  1. I too am a lover of Pork Belly. I reccomend the Kakuni at Maekawa in the ID.

    1. Short rib: Crush, Steelhead Diner
      Pork belly (braised): Harvest Vine (preparation varies but their best preparation (looks like a long chunky strip with square cross section) is one of the best around-- if you tell them you're coming in from Alaska for a visit and give them a few days notice they might even put it on the menu for when you arrive; ask them to put a fried duck egg on the side as they sometimes do)
      Pork belly (crispy): Chez Shea
      Beef cheeks: Union (sometimes), Cafe Juanita (check the menu on their website)
      A couple more meat items not on your list:
      Rack of lamb, Frenched rib steak: Waterfront Grill (pricey)
      Lamb burger (or BLT): 94 Stewart (get avocado and stilton on it)
      Pork shank: Tulio (can be inconsistent)
      Osso buco, veal carpaccio: Barolo (the osso buco has gotten small and expensive, though)
      Kobe steak: Canlis (pricey)

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        one more item for the list: the braised pork shoulder at Made in Kitchen (this is a Chinese dish, doong-po pork , worth eating just for the richly caramelized layer of skin/fat (the meat underneath is nothing special); while you're there you might as well order the (grilled, not braised) beef short rib (kalbi))

      2. Beef Brisket - Volunteer Park Cafe
        Wild Boar Sloppy Joe - Quinn's

        Btw, nice list barley. I will save it myself!

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          Threre are usually braised things at Brasa, which is a favorite of mine.

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            During the dine are town deal in Nov., I had the pork belly appetizer and braised short ribs at Brasa..both very good! The other day, I also tried the braised oxtail with gnocchi at Quinn's. It was very flavorful but a little salty; the portion size was TINY!

          2. re: landguy

            will have to check out the brisket, thanks! I'm just waiting for Feierabend to add Schweinhaxen to their menu permanently so i can add that to the list. There's no such thing as too much braised meat ;)

            1. re: barleywino

              barley who or what is Feierabend? sounds mysterious. definitely check out the brisket they seem to have it on the menu on a regular basis now, here's the link to this week's menu:

              1. re: landguy

                Feierabend's part of Chris Navarra's mini-empire of German pubs (see also Die Bierstube and Prost!)


                It's not bad. I'm a sucker for the Bretzel mit Obatzler and the Semmmelknödel washed down with a Maß of Spaten.

          3. 10-hr. braised Lamb Shank: Cucina De Ra, Western Ave., Seattle

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            1. re: staffstuff

              the PI reviewer said their lamb shank was cloyingly sweet; what did you think?

            2. You are speaking my language! Barleywino below mentioned Crush, which is my absolute favorite restaurant is Seattle. In fact, I rented the restaurant out for my wedding this past October. Anyway, Chef Jason Wilson's beef short ribs are to die for! He and his recipe was featured on Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels show when she was in Seattle!

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              1. re: porkbelly

                I did not think Crush's short ribs were very good...just okay, IMO,...not alot of flavor (surprisingly) and the quality of the meat tasted ordinary.