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Nov 16, 2007 07:39 AM

Zabb Thai - first time visit

A Sri faithful going to Zabb Thai for the first time tonight. Any specialties or favorites I should look out for or items I should avoid? Thank you.

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  1. The duck salad is pretty classic and amazing. And fwiw, their Thai iced teas are the best I've ever had.

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      Is Zabb Thai better than Zabb City in Manhattan, never made it to ZT the first time. Tried Zabb City last Friday and wasn't too impressed. Limited menu @ the Manhattan branch, too.

      1. re: moymoy

        I've found the preparation slightly different at times, but I've mostly enjoyed it as much. I find I can't go wrong with the duck salad at either location. The queens menu is much larger.

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          its a totally different operation, diff cook, diff menu.. The Queens Zabb has very interesting food, especially the salads and some of the noodles. Maybe some of the grilled meats too, but skip their curries. You should enjoy.

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            in my experience, the duck salad is mostly the same with a few minor differences, though there's a bit of variance at either. And they both have the best thai iced tea I've ever had, for what it's worth.

      2. Although I am also a Sri faithful, I have to admit that Zabb does a better version of the drunken noodle dish. I order it almost every time I am at Sri, as recently as last Sunday, but the one I had at Zabb did not have the ground meat but actual pieces.
        It was also hotter'in hell, but still flavorful.

        1. haven't gone for a while, but in my experience stick to the salads, appetizers, and noodle dishes there.

          I like the drunken noodles, tho i prefer the ground meat on sri's.

          they do a good beef (or it pork?) and eggplant salad (spicy!), and many say their som tam with the raw crab is great, if that's your thing (it's not mine)

          they have a lot of salad/apps that sri doesn't have, so i would go with those.

          in general, i think the food at zabb is good and wonder why it doesn't get more kudos on this board. I think it must be because their curries are weak (not an issan thing) and most people who go for thai food want curry. My SO doesn't really like thai curries and loves issan food, so this is not a problem for us.

          also, for me, the atmosphere at zabb feels way more "thai" than sri does since it's makeover.

          1. It's much smaller than Sri - about 8 tables total in one long narrow storefront - and open much later (after midnight on the weekends). Most of the recommendations below are good. I really love their beef salad and their noodle dishes, as well as some of the other Issan specialties. You should also try their Thai ice cream, which is usually made in house, preferably in combination with the fried banana.

            1. I go there about once a week for late meals - they're open til 3am. Crispy pork & chinese broccoli is my favorite dish. The pork is prepared like chicharrones. It's sitting in a puddle of delicious garlicky sauce. You will feel so fat and satisfied afterwards.

              Zabb was my dad's first thai food. We had the seafood pot (last page of menu, $25). It comes in either clear (not spicy) or spicy soup. The seafood comes w/ mussels, shrimp, clear (vermicelli?) noodles, lettuce & mushrooms. When we were done, dad pronounced, "thai food is good." And even tho he was telling me to go easy on the crispy pork, he was spooning up the sauce like crazy.

              I also prefer their drunken noodles to Sri.

              some pics:

              Have fun!

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              1. re: congee

                After picking up my new favorite: soft tofu from the Korean market on Woodside Avenue, I walked past here today (Saturday about noon) and Zabb was closed...did they just get a later start today..???

                1. re: erica

                  I've never been by that early but word is they start late and are open from dinner till 1 or 2 am.

                  1. re: Widmark

                    Thanks very much..I asked because I was planning to try the place soon and walked by to take an advance peek...