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Nov 16, 2007 07:24 AM

Burger @ Yellow Griffin Pub (review) YUM!!!

(2202 Bloor West, at Runnymede, 416-763-3365)

I had the BEST burger the other night
A friend wanted to take me to this place stating it had the BEST burgers,
so I obliged and went.


I love discovering new places that are mostly a 'neighborhood' hang-out
as locals know what is good and it certainnly showed here!

First off, we were there on a Tuesday night and the place was hoppin'

Second, as soon as we walked in we were greeted by a friendly smiling waitress.
Huge points, as from that moment on, our experience was 'flawless'

And yes it is a PUB!

The menu tres cool
YOU pick from 8 different varieties of meat for your burger and choose which side fixin' to ADD to it. (they also have a salmon/veggie burger)

I had the "LE LOUVRE LOVER" which came with Brie, Spinach and crispy bacon
Chose Lamb as my meat option. I normally am the Cheddar burger type, but wanted something-different-this-way-comes: VERDICT:
It was SOOOO GOOD and a huge portion.
Chose the Onion Rings as my side, crispy and fresh......YUMMMM!
My date had the Triple Cheese Burger/Banquet Burger

We started off with what the waitress suggested , the Breaded Pickles good and gone within minutes!!!

I really love this place, no frills, no fooo-fooo, just a relaxed good place to take friends, hang-out, have a GOOD meal, watch the game and have a beer on tap!

I think I will now be a regular!


Photo is off my La Louvre Lover Burger!......yum yum yum!

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  1. I've eaten there a few times as well and really enjoyed every burger that i've tried. I have tried to mix it up a little as the choices are a little overwhelming at first. Love the onion rings but wish the portion was bigger (only get 5 or 6 largish rings), i've also tried the breaded pickle and it was quit good too.

    1. I tried to insert your photos into the place link page but it didn' work for me.

      Yellow Griffin
      2202 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P, CA

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      1. re: JamieK

        Awwww thanks Jamie.K.
        My photos kinda-suck, as I took with my cell phone:(
        BUT whatever the case a picture does nadda to the REAL thing!

        PS.....DaMonster.......well couldn't finish da burgerrrrrrr, way too big
        I found the RINGS to be just enough for me:)

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yellow Griffin is a GREAT place.

            My favourite is the Waldorf Astoria on a Veggie Patty with a side of sweet potato fries.
            Also good are the breaded pickles and the cole slaw

            I find the beef patty to be a little bit dry.