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Burger @ Yellow Griffin Pub (review) YUM!!!

(2202 Bloor West, at Runnymede, 416-763-3365)

I had the BEST burger the other night
A friend wanted to take me to this place stating it had the BEST burgers,
so I obliged and went.


I love discovering new places that are mostly a 'neighborhood' hang-out
as locals know what is good and it certainnly showed here!

First off, we were there on a Tuesday night and the place was hoppin'

Second, as soon as we walked in we were greeted by a friendly smiling waitress.
Huge points, as from that moment on, our experience was 'flawless'

And yes it is a PUB!

The menu tres cool http://www.yellowgriffinpub.com/image...
YOU pick from 8 different varieties of meat for your burger and choose which side fixin' to ADD to it. (they also have a salmon/veggie burger)

I had the "LE LOUVRE LOVER" which came with Brie, Spinach and crispy bacon
Chose Lamb as my meat option. I normally am the Cheddar burger type, but wanted something-different-this-way-comes: VERDICT:
It was SOOOO GOOD and a huge portion.
Chose the Onion Rings as my side, crispy and fresh......YUMMMM!
My date had the Triple Cheese Burger/Banquet Burger

We started off with what the waitress suggested , the Breaded Pickles
.....so good and gone within minutes!!!

I really love this place, no frills, no fooo-fooo, just a relaxed good place to take friends, hang-out, have a GOOD meal, watch the game and have a beer on tap!

I think I will now be a regular!


Photo is off my La Louvre Lover Burger!......yum yum yum!


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  1. I've eaten there a few times as well and really enjoyed every burger that i've tried. I have tried to mix it up a little as the choices are a little overwhelming at first. Love the onion rings but wish the portion was bigger (only get 5 or 6 largish rings), i've also tried the breaded pickle and it was quit good too.

    1. I tried to insert your photos into the place link page but it didn' work for me.

      Yellow Griffin
      2202 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P, CA

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      1. re: JamieK

        Awwww thanks Jamie.K.
        My photos kinda-suck, as I took with my cell phone:(
        BUT whatever the case a picture does nadda to the REAL thing!

        PS.....DaMonster.......well couldn't finish da burgerrrrrrr, way too big
        I found the RINGS to be just enough for me:)

      2. Yellow Griffin is a GREAT place.

        My favourite is the Waldorf Astoria on a Veggie Patty with a side of sweet potato fries.
        Also good are the breaded pickles and the cole slaw

        I find the beef patty to be a little bit dry.

        1. Decided to try out the Yellow Griffin as my parents were in town and both decided that they wanted burgers. Thought it was the perfect opportunity to try this place out.

          Place wasn't that busy when we got there and we still somehow ended up waiting at least 40 minutes for our burgers. Then they came out and all of the fries were COLD and the burgers weren't even really hot. Sent them all back to get new fries. All of us had different burgers (all beef) and all of us were very unimpressed with the meal.

          The bill for 4 burgers 1 pop and 1 beer was $80. I wouldn't have cared if the food had been good, but to pay $80 for a crap meal at a place that specializes in burgers just seemed like a rip off. Way too many other pubs just across the road to go back there.

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          1. re: camp1980

            Typical. I live in the neighbourhood. The last time I went I was expecting an alright burger, but was mostly looking forward to their fries. I was put off my meal when I found that they switched to frozen McCain-like fries. Haven't been back since.

            1. re: missmu

              I forgot to mention my disappointment with the fries themselves. If all you do is burgers would it kill you to do fresh cut fries. I realize it is a little more work then doing frozen fries, but it can be done quickly if have a potato chopper. If a place feels they really must be frozen fries then at least make them decent one. Its not like it is a cheap place to grab a burger.

            2. re: camp1980

              ..sadly I trekked across town to try them last summer, I won't go into it again (there's another thread around here that I wrote about our bad experience) but I'll never waste my time/money there either...

              1. re: camp1980

                I went there last night with my wife and 6 year old around 5:30 and put 2 hours on the meter around the corner thinking it would be more than enough time. The place was busy but not packed.
                We were told the 3 burgers we ordered would be 30 minutes. We can appreciate that quality takes time but were still surprised about the wait. We asked that they send some fries up for our kid soon so that she wouldn't have to wait so long. Luckily they came by within a few minutes.
                The food took nearly 45 minutes from the time the order was placed which was longer than the already long estimate of 30.
                No complaints about the burgers. They were quite good although I think mine could've been cooked a bit longer. Hard to tell with the low lights.
                The bill took a long time to come as well as the payment.
                Good food. Long wait. And I got back to the vehichle at around 7:15.
                The experience took nearly two hours.
                We went once before on a Saturday afternoon and the food did take a while but we were patient about it.
                Will go back when we're not in a rush otherwise I'd rather go down to the Swiss Chalet down the street where I can be in and out in an hour.
                From seeing the other posts, things haven't changed in over a year.

                1. re: adf1962

                  The patties are frozen from Sysco and have mostly bottled sauces as toppings other than lettuce, onion and tomato. Big deal. And the reason the kitchen is so slow? So you'll buy more beer.

              2. I stopped by after a long day of shopping on Friday. I had the notting burger -the plain burger with the sweet potato fries.

                I loved it!!!! The burger was thick and juicy and bigger than the bun, so that's a good thing. The only small complaint I have is that the fries and the burger needed some salt.

                I can't wait to go back.

                1. The last time I went, I ordered a beef burger reuben which should have pastrami, sauerkraut, and smoked gouda. When it came to the table, the pastrami was replaced with cold cuts of roast beef and the smoked gouda was replaced with processed swiss cheese. It didn't taste horrible, but had I known that the kitchen ran out of the cheese and pastrami, I would have chose another combination of toppings. When I complained the waitress said that she would take something off the price because of the unwelcome substitution, but when the bill came, it was full price.

                  1. I'm glad you had a good experience there--I've been consistantly disappointed. None of the people I have dined with have enjoyed the beef patty--too highly seasoned and too dense for our tastes. It is great fun to choose the toppings, and I have found that many of them are better on a chicken breast. The sweet potato fries are good, but Dr. Generosity's across the street are even better. ;-)

                    1. I agree with you on the burgers and great sweet potato fries, however everytime I go, the burger takes over 30 minutes to land at your table...I don't understand why a burger could take that long??

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                      1. re: gogomiser

                        I was there on a sunday at 5pm and it took our burger at least an hour.. our app (wings, which admitedly were REALLY good) took a good 45 min. Then the messed up all of our orders and I had to hunt them down to get another drink.. like physically walk up to the bar and beg basically.

                      2. I used to be a big fan of the YG, but I am becoming fed up!

                        There's ALWAYS a mix up and/or delay at the Yellow Griffin - either they bring you the wrong burger or side dish or you wait an hour and a half for your food. If you go, be prepared to wait. The staff don't seem to care or notice, whenever they screw up the order, you never get an apology. I'm not sure if that's arrogance or incompetance.

                        The burgers are delicious, but GO AT YOUR OWN RISK

                        1. It can be hit and miss, but when it's a hit, I think it's a BIG hit. I've been a fan of the Yellow Griffin for a couple of years and and I never get the same thing twice.

                          1. I was there a few weeks ago. The service was so bad that I don't remember the food. There won't be a return visit.

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                            1. re: eribgood

                              Went on sunday - sat down and was told it would be "at least 45 minutes for food". Needless to say i walked out.