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Nov 16, 2007 07:21 AM

canned potatoes - anyone cook with them?

Will anyone admit to cooking with canned potatoes? Any good ideas? So far I just saute them in oil and butter until crisp..........

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  1. Weirdly enough, I used a couple of cans the other day in the only dish I would ever consider them for - Fondue Bourguignonne. This was taught to me by someone who ran a fondue place in Westwood many years ago. They are the perfect size, moisture content and pre-cooked exactly right for this dish.

    1. I have only used them because they entered the pantry when my boyfriend moved in. We've mixed it with leftover corned beef and also heated it up for haggis with neeps and tatties. It's not my first choice, but they're convenient and not that bad.

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        I sometimes saute them with chopped onion for a quick side dish. Of course, fresh potatoes are better, but I don't think the canned ones are all that bad.

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          YES, totally agree - moved in with the bf and he has all of these canned veggies, which I have never in my life eaten or considered purchasing. And I'm a vegetarian, so no meat dishes... I am at a complete loss.

        2. I used them once. I mashed them with butter and garlic for my husband. I didn't eat them. I was on Jenny Craig.

          1. LOL...I made 4 institutional sized cans today for a rehearsal dinner! I ALWAYS drain and RINSE RINSE RINSE then I put them in foil pans with lots of dill, parsley, butter and....chicken broth. It keeps them nice and moist. I slow roast them for an hour or 2 at a really low temp. Not a single one left for 30 people!

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              I like the recipe you use. When you say you slow cook them, at what temp?

            2. OK, I admit to liking canned potatoes. It's a nostalgia thing...Mom was the queen of cans.The day she brought home canned bread (brown bread) still lives in infamy. My family eats whole ones that have been roasted in the oven with a little spray oil, pepper, and paprika until lightly browned.

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                Just out of curiosity.. where are you from? I grew up in New England, and didn't realize til college that brown bread in a can might be weird to anyone. I now think of it as a kindof New England institution, and when people ask me about New England foods they probably haven't tried, I bring them a can of brown bread. They tend to share your reaction. I have brown bread very very rarely, but it is very comforting served warm with baked beans and franks. (the fact that I've been vegetarian for 14 years and this is my main way to think about brown bread may show just how rarely I eat it).

                1. re: cbrunelle

                  My Boston Irish father had the same combo as one of his touchstone meals. I don't recall seeing it out here in the San Francisco area, but I may have to look for it.

                  1. re: Scrapironchef

                    This was the Saturday night supper for my NE childhood family. Hot dogs, baked beans and canned B & M brown bread, maybe some coleslaw on the side.
                    I don't think the canned brown bread is available any longer, but I'm not in NE any longer, either <sigh.>

                    1. re: bushwickgirl

                      I just signedup here because I have to reply. I realize I am replying to an old post, but google brought me here so I could find recipes for canned potatoes. Who knew? :) Anyway, just last week I came across a catalog in my snail mail called The Vermont Country Store. In the back pages has nostalgic foods and it happens to have canned brown bread!!! So! If you are really hankering' for it, try going to

                      1. re: Topsailangel

                        This is true.. I LOVE The Vermont Country Store.. I get updates from them all the time. And this is a bit late also since the last time anyone posted on it was in Aug of 2012.... Hahaaa.. Not bad for 2 years time. I was given an institutional size can of Potatoes yesterday. And that was why I was directed to this site. Got a few ideas on what to do with it.. Plus other ideas..

                      2. re: bushwickgirl

                        B&M canned brown bread (with or without raisins) is still in virtually every grocery store in the Boston area. With the canned beans.

                        1. re: deglazer

                          Mmmm, as well it should be. I worked in a restaurant in Boston and baked beans, franks, and canned brown bread was on the special board every Sunday night. Along with a NE boiled dinner. I still crave both.

                      3. re: Scrapironchef

                        This is an old post, but I grew up on canned brown bread. I love it. My father was the reason it was in my house. We're Irish/German from the San Francisco area. Grampa grew up in San Fran, dad grew up in Oakland, and I grew up in Concord. Now my kids love it too. S&W makes it, I think.

                    2. re: angulargyrus

                      wow are you serious canned bread? lmfao never ever heard that before! how is it anyway

                      1. re: Apridonovan87

                        Swear to God!! It's still out there?? It was B&M brown bread, with or without raisins and made it's appearance at our house during the holidays, along with Cross & Blackwell Plum Pudding (I think it was plum pudding). It's a quick trip back to my childhood. Oh, did I forget to mention the canned, jellied, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce with the can rings on it? I didn't know then that there was another kind of cranberry sauce, i.e., the one you make with fresh cranberries.

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                          Wasn't there an episode of Spongebob or something where Squidward was so ecstatic over finding canned bread?