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Nov 16, 2007 07:16 AM

How long will sealed, jarred kimchi last?

I found a jar (still sealed) of kimchi in the back of my fridge, I don't remember buying it (likely why I forgot it way back there) but it is likely from the end of the summer. I know that in general the shelf life of kimchi isn't the greatest, but in these conditions should it still be good? And if so, how long can I expect it to last?

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  1. What do you mean "the shelf life of kimchi isn't the greatest"? Kimchi has quite a long shelf life! If it's sealed it's probably good for a year or longer.

    I've never bought kimchi that was sealed in a jar, but have kept the fresh stuff for several months at a time.

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      My understanding is that it typically only lasts a couple of weeks to a month. For instance, doing a google search on kimchi shelf life turned up a few things in the first couple of hits.

      I wouldn't mind at all being wrong on that, as it'd be a shame to waste it, and figured it should be fine.

    2. I enjoy my homemade kimchi for months at a time. I make a gallon batch a few times a year. My local korean resto serves very fresh kimchi, which I like, but I do prefer the stuff that's fermented longer. Has your jarred kimchi been pasteurized?

      1. Every year at about this time (late fall) most Korean compaines give their employees a fairly generous bonus so that they can go buy ingredients for "kim-jjang". This is the end-of-harvest kim chee making where each family makes huge amounts of kimchi to last through the winter. In the country the jars (a jar in this case is typically about 25 gallons) are buried in a shady place. In the city they are placed in a corner of the balcony or other cool place. The kimchi will last through to the spring. The salt and spices along with the cold keep the kimchi from spoiling. During the warm months fresh kimchi is made daily.

        So in response to your question, yes your kimchi should still be good.

        1. When I buy kim chee I open the bottle to break the seal then put the lid back on and push it to the back of the fridge. It sits there for at least a month, maybe two, then I eat it. It seems to develop more complex flavors. Also, my favorite way to eat kim chee is in soup. The stronger it tastes the better the soup is.

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            I totally agree. I think new kimchi is best eaten fresh, just as it is, but older kimchi is best for jjigae (soup) and kimchi pancakes (flour + water + kimchi). And with super old kimchi, my mom usually rinses it off with water, and makes a soup out of that. By that point, the flavors are already in the cabbage leaves, so rinsing it off won't take away the flavor.

          2. How long will it last? How long do you have??