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Nov 16, 2007 06:48 AM

East Europe Stews Wanted - Russian,Ukrainian,etc.

I would truly appreciate any info that you can provide on restaurants that provide Eastern European style stews. There are no Macedonian restaurants anymore and never will be again from my inquiries. Lots of European restaurants offer Seafoods, Grilled Meats, Cabbage Rolls, Kolbossa, Goulash Hungarian Style, etc., but I am looking for places that might provide a plate with selected meat, roast potato, rice, vegetable, maybe even hot peppers, or alternately unique and delicious hearty stews. Balkan, Serbian, Croatian, etc., in GTA, Toronto, Mississauga area! Thanks so very much!!!!

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  1. Slavic Stews, etc., still asking for locations of resstaurants/diners. etc. Serbian, Croatian, Russian, etc. There are many Ukrainian/Polish, but add if you wish!

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      Zam in Etobicoke has a fish ragu, a veal ragu and a wild game goulash on their menu. I'm pretty sure their wild game goulash will not taste Hungarian since it's a Serbian restaurant. I haven't tried their food.

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        There are a two or three family-style Albanian restaurants on Dundas St. West, near Runnymede.

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          Will take a look around in the New Year. I did find a small Bosnian place that serverd burek and cevapi over a year ago, but not in the area for a long time!

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          Thanks, I am aware of Zam for well over a month now, but have not had a chance to go there yet. Will do soon!!

      2. The Balkan Bistro (126E McCaul, at Dundas, 416-913-0729) got excellent reviews. I did not try it myself. See:

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          this place was closed down long time ago...

        2. You can try The Golden is Ukrainian and has very good Ukrainian food. Among the many items is a type of stew that is cooked in a ceramic pot.
          On the weekends it has live music. It is located near Islington and the Queesnway.