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Nov 16, 2007 06:32 AM

Changes at Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring

Don't worry - all good! The big news is the return of the Fried Chicken (at the bar only, not in the dining room), and they're now open on Sunday nights.

As posted by Michael over on DR:

"Fried chicken is now on the bar menu, as part of an expanded $22.95 Ray's: The Bar Bistro Special--soup or salad, hanger, grilled salmon, fried chicken, bacon-wrapped filet medallions, sliced strip (diablo or with mushrooms and onions), jumbo diver scallops (blackened or bacon-wrapped) or giant prawns (garlic and herb or diablo), and dessert. Mon-Fri, open to close, and Saturday and Sunday, when available (if prepped).

Exotic lentil soup with spicy lamb sausage and New England clam chowder are also back for the winter."

Ray's the Classics
8606 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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  1. Thanks Daniel -- the bar meal we had before was outstanding, so looking forward to this.

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    1. re: Marissa

      I can report and excellent, and unbelievably good value bar meal at Ray's last night. Hubby had the hanger steak -- perfectly medium rare -- and I had the prawns diablo. Michael (I've learned he is Michael, not Ray's) says it's just one prawn less than in the restaurant -- and trust me, with three courses, it's still awy too much food. Crab bisque -- to die for. Even the mixed green salad was special with lots of garlic. I loved the key lime pie -- just what a very good home baker would make. And hubby really did think he died and went to heaven with the root beer float -- with the inspired addition of brandied cherries. Service excellent. What a great place.

      The bar menu says it's available M-F, and on weekends, only as available, so I"m not sure what that means.

      1. re: Marissa

        Should have said hello! I was also enjoying the new bar menu last night. We dove into the devilishly good eggs - stuffed with steak tartare and topped with Bernaise sauce, and pork belly - compliments of the house, for full disclosure ; ) I couldn't pass up the return of the pan-fried chicken, though my companions all opted for beef in one form or another - wrapped filets, hanger, chopped, and the steak salad looked great too. Lentil soup with merguez sausage is indeed back, and all who tried it declared it wonderful. For dessert: that great root beer float. So simple. So perfect. I might have to return for Sunday dinner before the AFI.