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le creuset outlet store sale

30% off all purchases over $100 on everything in the store from Nov 23 to Dec 9. Plus all orders over $100 ship for free. Just got the postcard in the mail today.

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  1. I just placed an order--the sale is available now, despite the dates on the postcard. While the outlet stores don't have a website, the customer service via phone is great. I kinda knew what I wanted, they told me what colors were available, and shipping was free. Great way to get LC christmas presents without a hassle!

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      does anyone know the web site or a place where I could order? Or a site that shows company store phone numbers? We don't have one in Alabama that I am aware of and I am looking for store somewhere else.

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        hope this helps! Find one & get on their mailing list asap!

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          Thanks for the link! What is interesting is, when I googled le creuset outlet, this thread was one of the options! I found the phone # for the one nearest me, and just called them and got on the mailing list. Grill pan, here I come!
          The Wrentham Outlets also has a Williams-Sonoma and Sur la table, so I'll be sure to check them out as well.

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          Yes, you do indeed have one in AL--in fact, that's the one I ordered from. It's at the Tanger Outlet center in Foley. Here's the phone number: 251-943-7600. FLA has a couple, inlcuding one in Destin at 850-654-5900. The outlet stores don't have an online ordering option, so your best bet is to search online at other stores (Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, or on the main LC website) for what you want, then call to see if they have it/what colors are available. I ordered via telephone on 11/16, box delivered by UPS on 11/20. With free shipping, no taxes since I'm outside AL, and a 30% discount, it was equivalent to getting one whole pot for free. You have to mention the Preferred Customer Holiday Mailer to get the discounts.

      2. Do you know of a site that has info on the stainless or their knives? I do not see it on their main site and would be interested in ordering some of those at these prices. Thanks!

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          >Do you know of a site that has info on the stainless...?

          Try this:


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            I could be wrong, but I think that Le Creuset's knives are made by Sabatier. That said, I haven't found anything online linking the two manufacturers.

            I know for a fact that the closest LC outlet to me in Leesburg, VA has those knives. Give them a call for more information - (703) 777-1747

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              Yes, their knives are made by Sabatier. I own four of them. The chef's knife is absolutely, perfectly balanced, with a beautiful rosewood tang. After thirty years of using the same knives for everything, I found these and just had to have them. Also, they are reasonably priced.

          2. Hungry Celeste, you are awesome! Many thanks to you, I just saved over $70 on a 6.75 qt oval dutch oven for my husband. I called the outlet store in Gilroy, CA, and they were so nice. Thanks again!

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              You're welcome. I bought so much LC through the outlet store (thanks to those crazy-good sales a couple times a year), I had to buy a new free-standing wire rack for my kitchen to store it all. I roasted a 7lb chicken last night for the express purpose of using my newest LC round french oven. I also just tried Bartender's Friend on the dirty pots, and it works light-years better than anything else I've used.

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                I called and they wouldn't give me the discount because I'm not on the mailing list. I lied and said somebody gave me the post card but she said if I wasn't already in the system she couldn't give me the discount. Pout......

                1. re: crawfish

                  Wow--they actually told you no? Did you call the Foley, AL store? Because the clerk told me that their POS computer system crashed and was down for more than a week, and she needed to make sure that my info hadn't been lost in their crash. If you're feeling persistent, you might try calling again with a computer-crash line of attack.

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                    from what I understand, you need to be on their mailing list. I got on their mailing list by simply calling one of the outlets and asking if I could get on their mailing list! Then I went to an outlet store and made a purchase and since I was in the system, I got the 30% off.

                    Now funny thing is, I decided to pick up a couple more pieces as my christmas gift to me (LOL) and I called one of the stores I recently purchased from over Thanksgiving and they will ship but the price is 15% of the subtotal! Ouch! So I called the gilroy store, they had both pieces I was looking for and they are offering the 30% pluss free shipping. But 2 of the stores I called tonight were charging the 15% shipping fee. So call around!!

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                      The postcard sale offers free shipping on any purchase over $100.

            2. Right now, they've gone to 20% off over $100 with no postcard required. I don't remember if free shipping is part of the deal though.

              Guy at the store said the sale is on for a couple of weeks.

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                Hmm...I think the individual employees have some latitude regarding the discounts offered. Though the 30% sale ended on Dec 9th, I placed (another) order by phone (it was a gift this time!) just yesterday, and the lovely salesman honored the 30% plus free shipping. (Methinks the computer system must list past sales.)

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                  The LC computer knows all! I called a LC store in Alabama. She knew all about my NY & Maine purchases!!!

              2. Thanks sooo much for the tip!! I just called the NJ outlet and they gave me 30% for my phone order even though the sale ended last week!!! I am finally going to have the oval french oven I have been eying for a while!!!

                1. Thanks for the info, I am heading to the Philadelphia premium outlet store tomorrow!!

                  1. i didn't see any great sales at the LC outlet but the williams sonoma outlet has 30% off LC and staub. and 40% off all clad (i think they were seconds).

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                      I stopped by the LC Outlet store at Woodbury Commons in NY in October and was rather disappointed. While the selection was immense, they're the manufacturer so their price reductions are based on MSRP and not the actual market retail, so the savings weren't as good as one would expect.

                      I ended up buying an LC 2.5qt oval at the Williams Sonoma Outlet for $45.

                      The only real deal was the closeout they were having on the green items. Got a bunch of mini gratins for six bucks each - not bad.

                    2. Hi does anyone know where there are Le Creuset outlet stores anywhere between Buffalo and New York City? I'm taking a little road trip and would love to stop at an outlet. i'll be staying in Manhattan so if any one knows where one is anywhere close to there or how I would go about searching would be great. thanks

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                        I'm pretty sure Central Valley NY is Woodbury commons, which could certainly be easily "on the way" for you.

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                          FYI, the outlets are having a spend-more, save-more promo right now. Seems like the sale was 20% for $100 purchase, 25% for $150, 30% for $200, etc. I think it capped out at 35%.

                          1. re: Hungry Celeste

                            I am looking for somewhere to buy Le Creuset with spending so much money as I have seen. Anyone know where to find some good deals? Also I believe they were made in France does anyone know if they still are? I do not want to buy anything that is made in China and have seen several Dutch Ovens made in China.

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                              30% off is still a great discount for Le Creuset, but I bought my 7.25 quart Le Creuset round french oven from the outlet store during a June 40% off promo. If you can wait for that to come around again, the savings were incredible.

                              Retail price = $270
                              First quality outlet price = $250
                              Second quality outlet price = $230
                              40% June discount promotion = $138

                              Yes, I got a $270 pot for $138 :) And they are still made in France (it says so on the underside of the lid)

                              Mr Taster

                              1. re: Mr Taster

                                You did a great job, Mr.!

                                Me, I'm a little too impatient to wait for June, LOL. (Not *always*, but I wanted the bouillabaisse pot, and I wanted it in time for my holiday cooking.)

                                I didn't expect to see first-quality merchandise there, but they actually had quite a bit of it. How does it make sense for them to sell that at the outlets? If the economy were better, would they still be doing that?

                                1. re: Normandie

                                  I just made a boulliabaise in my 7.25 qt and it came out beautifully :) In fact that's why I got a pot that big.... I wanted a pot that was totally versatile. Big enough to cook a whole chicken, but can also do soups, stews, paella, boulliabaise, cassoulet, chili, even baking bread.... I do it all in that one pot. I have other pans of course for other applications (nonstick for eggs, clad stainless for pan searing, etc.) but in general my 7.25 qt Le Creuset is the workhorse of my kitchen.

                                  Mr Taster

                                  1. re: Mr Taster

                                    I can see how it would be, Mr., even after only having it for a few days. When I walked into the outlet, the 6.75 wide oval was actually slightly edging out the bouillabaisse, in terms of my priorities. I asked the gentleman to show me the wide oval and, wow. That pot is really a beautiful piece of craftsmanship--forgetting about the cooking for a minute. It's just an aesthetically pleasing man-made tool. But...I looked at it...and I already have the 5-quart braiser, and I couldn't think of enough things I could do in the 6.75 wide oval that I can't do in the 5-quart braiser.

                                    I asked to see the bouillabaisse, and I saw, I guess, what you saw. It looks tremendously versatile, to me. All the things you mentioned, plus...the intermittent uses one might find. E.g., given the temperature sustainability of these pots, you could certainly use it to keep a fruit salad chilled at an outside picnic, or to keep a warm punch warm at a holiday party. It would be great to mix any kind of larger baked goods recipe that you mix by hand or silicone whisk (i.e., no electric mixers). Every now and then I'm doing something for which I wish I had something larger than a 4-quart mixing bowl, and this would be perfect. I always have biggish bowls of produce out on my kitchen island, waiting to be batch-cooked and frozen, etc. Sometimes I need something really big, to hold many tomatoes or apples, etc. Usually, I roast ears of corn, but when I boil them, I cut them in half, and this pot would be excellent for cooking them.

                                    I've read comments that you can't saute much on the bottom, but...really...you can do quite a bit. It looks to me to be about the equivalent of a 9" skillet or so. But at the same time, you really don't have to be cooking an outrageous amount of food to justify using it. The soup I made the other night only involved about 2 quarts of liquid; the rest of it was tons of veggies that I was able to caramelize right there in the pot. In the end...maybe only about six servings of soup. I think the bouillabaisse looks bigger than it is because of the shape.

                                    But I read online somewhere that LC had discontinued making it, as of January, 2009. Do you know if that's true?

                                2. re: Mr Taster

                                  You did better than me, and I wasn't sure that was possible!

                                  I got my very slightly imperfect 7.25 round in Dijon, from a private seller on Amazon. He was asking $200, but I watched it for a couple of months and then wrote to him and offered $150. He accepted. :-)

                                  Mine looks like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...

                                3. re: Berta

                                  I'd recommend going to an outlet, too, if there's one that is accessible to you, Berta. Here's one site that shows a list of locations: http://www.outletbound.com/cgi-bin/st...

                                  LC enameled cast iron is made in France. The stoneware is manufactured in Thailand.

                                  I have replaced *most* of my cookware with LC during the past year, most of it online, but I've never paid close to retail, and only for two pots have I paid as much as the sale prices LC has on its own site. I've always gotten it for less, by comparison shopping. However, I've gotten an impression that some of the online promotions are tightening up. I could be wrong, but that's how it's seemed to me in the last month or so.

                                  So on Friday, listening to the wise advice of CHers, I visited an LC outlet for the first time because I wanted to buy one of the larger pots. I bought...five items, two stoneware to give as Christmas gifts, the other three enameled CI for me. I got all five items for less than the retail price of the one largest pot, since I bought enough to qualify for the 35 percent discount. The salespeople were very helpful. They went back to storage and brought out three or four boxes of the items I wanted and looked them over with me so we could find those with the tiniest imperfections, for the pots that were seconds. One of the pots I got and the two pieces of stoneware are actually first quality, not seconds, but I still got the 35 percent discount on all of them.

                                  1. re: Berta

                                    Tuesday Morning discount stores have some LC pieces right now. I saw burgundy & granite & azure blue, mostly in 6.75 rounds & ovals, and 3.5 quart ovals, as well as a few skillets.

                                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                                      Went in today to Tuesday Morning and picked up the 7 1/4 Provence Blue French Oven with a minor paint imperfection on one of the handles. Came in the box and paid 179.99. My wife received an early Christmas present today.

                              2. Homegoods has the giant skillet and two sizes of dutch ovens. Mainly in dijon, but some orange and a few in blue. The ones I saw looked perfect. Prices similar to Tuesday Morning. Homegoods is related to TJ Max, so perhaps they have some in stock too.

                                1. This is a 2-year old post, but here's an update: 35% off all purchases over $100 from November 26 through January 1, 2010. And free shipping within continental US on orders of $100 or more.

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                                  1. re: CindyJ

                                    When you say free shipping, do you mean there's a way to shop online?

                                    I see 25% off mentioned at http://www.lcstores.com/home.asp. I submitted my address using the Contact Us link. (They don't actually let you ask a question, they just let you give your personal info) Is that enough to get a postcard for 35% off?

                                    I'd like to get a Flame 5.5 QT Round French Oven; online prices seem to be fixed at $229.99 with free shipping.

                                    1. re: philly888

                                      I don't know of a way to shop LC Outlet Stores online. I think free shipping refers to in-store purchases.

                                      The first time I shopped at a LC outlet store I didn't have a card because I hadn't yet put my name on their mailing list. I asked how I could get the advertised discount and they simply gave it to me and added my name to their list. It looks like right now, there's a 25%-off sale in the outlet stores, but you can get an additional 10% if you have the card. I'd try going to the store and asking for the extra 10% off.

                                      1. re: CindyJ

                                        I forgot to thank you for the timely Le Creuset update. It'll help a lot of people. Thanks!

                                        I wonder if the discount is off the already discounted prices available everywhere, or just off the MSRP. 35% off of MSRP for what I want would save me about $28. Nice, but not outstanding when I factor in local tax ($12), gas for a 70 mile round trip, time spent, and other hassles.

                                        Also, do you know if the outlet stores sell only "seconds"? Is that their market niche? I know the seconds are often indistinguishable from firsts, but it's something I have to take into account when comparing prices.

                                        I doubt I'll drive to Limerick from Philly to get to my outlet - I'm more a Cyber Monday type shopper. That's why I was hoping that one could order w/o physically going there. Still, I'll think about it as I continue to shop around on eBay and at online retailers. It's not always an easy call. But I'm very glad you posted this info. Thanks again!

                                        1. re: philly888


                                          If you know what you want, just call the LC outlet. Tell them what you are looking for, and they will help you. They will give you the price. If it's over $100, shipping is free.

                                          This summer, I knew exactly what I wanted. It was a second, but with my discount (I'm on the mailing list) I saved a lot of money. The sales person picked out a great piece, and it was delivered in about 5 days. I wouldn't hesitate to do this again.

                                          Good luck!

                                          1. re: mdfifi

                                            << If it's over $100 >>

                                            That was a joke, huh?

                                            1. re: Paulustrious

                                              I'm sorry, I was just trying to offer assistance. FWIW, the LC outlets do sell stoneware and other items that could amount to less than $100. I got my 3.5 ECI braiser for $106 this summer just over the amount to get free shipping.

                                              1. re: Paulustrious

                                                There were round 6.75 qt ovens (second) for $99.99 in all colors in Wrentham outlet in MA. I'm glad I didn't buy it because I found a Staub 6 qt for $52 just close by ;-)

                                                1. re: cutipie721

                                                  Cutipie721, a 6.75 QT for only $100 is pretty amazing. Retail for firsts is $240-$260. (I think that size is oval, though)

                                                  I'm hoping to find a Flame 5.5QT Round French Oven for less than the $229 retail price, taking into account I'd have to pay tax. I guess it pays to call the outlet.

                                                    1. re: Smachnoho

                                                      They were hiding in the back of the Villeroy and Boch store in Wrentham outlet (Boston). I went there on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday I snatched the $52 6 qt discontinued oval. On Saturday I picked up another $110 4 qt orange oval (I know, horrible deal). The discontinued version looks different: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/imag...

                                                      There were two (maybe more in the inventory) 7 or 8 qt ovals left for $70-$90 (depends on red or blue). The lid was SO heavy that I thought it was stuck to the body, until my boyfriend came to pick it up :-


                                                      They had some saute pans too, but I wasn't interested in them. In case anyone's interested, they're less than $50 as far as I can remember. Kind of small though, like 8".

                                                      I walked by the LC store, and there were still lots of 2nd 6 3/4 qt round ovens on display.

                                                      Sorry LC fans that I just barged in and talk about Staub. I almost bought the round oven for myself cuz I thought I would be getting another 25% off. Then I realized I wouldn't be getting the extra discount and decided to try my luck in Marshalls and the alike (6.75qt was too big for me anyway). It just did not make sense to not grab the $52 6qt Staub which was waving at me on the shelf :-)

                                                      I have to thank you CHers for all the information on both brands and prices!

                                                2. re: mdfifi

                                                  Mdfifi, I do know what I want, a Flame 5.5 QT. The sale goes to Jan 1, so there's time to get on the mailing list. I suppose I could even try more than one outlet, since I intend to have it shipped. I feel some trepidation getting a second sight unseen, though. I guess it comes down to how much money I'd save. Thanks for the info! I'm so accustomed to internet shopping that I didn't think it could be done this way.

                                                  1. re: mdfifi

                                                    The only downside to phone shopping is that if you're buying seconds, you won't really know how bad a flaw it is until you receive the piece. Still, I'm thinking that if you phone when the store is less likely to be busy, you might get a truly helpful store employee who will look over the pieces as you might yourself.

                                                    1. re: CindyJ

                                                      I called my Philly area store today (it's about 35 miles away) and was added to the mailing list. However, I was told I might not get a 35% off postcard because "they've already gone out for this month".

                                                      I also learned that 5.5 QT Round French Oven seconds are priced at $193, which with the non-postcard sale of 25% off would make the cost about $145. Tax would add, I suppose, another $10-$13. So, say $155 sight unseen (if I order by phone) for a second, compared to $229 for a flawless first from Amazon.

                                                      $75 difference between a first and second. That's a nice savings, but I'm torn ... I really don't want to drive there, especially if I might end up coming home empty-handed, but I'm loathe to buy a gift over the phone (for my Mom) that might have a noticeable flaw. Decisions decisions ...

                                                      1. re: philly888

                                                        Chances are, you won't come home empty-handed. Their inventory is pretty good. I trekked out there a few days ago from southern Chester County. The flaws in most of their pieces are minor, but if you're like me, you might prefer to choose the pieces yourself. You can select the pots separate from the lids to get the two least objectionable pieces. And many of the flaws aren't noticeable at all.

                                                        If you do go, mention that you just added your name to their mailing list and they'll probably give you the additional 10% off.

                                                        1. re: CindyJ

                                                          I was told that Le Creuset lids and pots are forged as a unit from a single mold, which is broken when the pot is made. As such, lids are not truly interchangeable, since each lid is made exactly for the pot it goes to. It would be a shame to spend all that money for such a high quality piece of cookware only to end up with a leaky lid seal.

                                                          1. re: Mr Taster

                                                            I don't think that's true. If you go to the http://www.williams-sonoma.com/ site and look at one of their ovens you will see a video there on the product page on how LC cookware is made. There are separate assembly lines for the pot and the lids.

                                                            1. re: blondelle

                                                              I've found the video here.


                                                              Very interesting-- The manager of my local LC outlet store (at the Citidel in Commerce, CA) told me the molds were unique. He used that as justification for way I could not mix and match.

                                                              Mr Taster

                                                            2. re: Mr Taster

                                                              I have a hard time believing that that's true. They let me mix and match pots with lids at my local LC outlet store. Mixing colors would cause a problem, of course. Maybe you just got a grumpy manager.