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Nov 16, 2007 05:54 AM

Suggestions for a group of 10!

Have dinner plans tonight for what I thought was a small group, about 5 of us. Its now turned into 10. When its just the 5 of us we just split the check evenly, but with a group of 10 who have different tastes in food and varing degrees of alcohol consumption we are looking for somewhere that will either split the check or provide a prix fix option. Our reservations were originally at Oyamel and we'd like to stay in the Penn Quarter, Gallery Place, Metro Center area. Any suggestions?

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  1. could oyamel still work?

    ps7 probably has room, and they've always been accommodating when I've been there in terms of the check.

    Equinox has a fixed price, but not sure you'd be able to get in tonight, esp. with a group that large.

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      I 2nd PS7. Also if Oya still has a dinner special (I think it was for around $30/person 3 courses or something) that would make it very easy to split the check since all you would need to do is factor in drinks. You should call them ASAP to make sure they can fit 10 people though.

    2. McCormick & Schmicks, Ruths Chris, Clydes, all in the Penn Quarter would do it.