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Nov 16, 2007 05:38 AM

Best healthy recipes / restaurants / chefs...?


I've been doing a fair bit of searching online for the absolute best of the best when it comes to healthy recipes, but haven't been able to find much. There are a fair number of sites which I'm sure have decent quality healthy recipes, but I don't want to waste my time -- I want to find the best of the best and start from there.

Also, I was thinking that I could get some ideas from restaurants or chefs renouned for the best healthy dishes, so any recommendations here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance!

-- K

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  1. "Healthy" means different things to different people, I would venture to say...are you looking for low-satfat? Low-carb? Low-sodium? High-fiber? All of these? I've had some good luck with Cooking Light recipes...there are also worthy recipes at Mayo Clinic websites, American Cancer Institute,, that I've found to be good. Of course, I've also found some awesome healthy recipes right here on chowhound from folks posting their own recipes, for example Sweet Potato Soup, hardly any fat in it but very tasty and delicious (sorry, can't remember the author but it was in the thread 'what did you cook this weekend', I think)...I'm making that soup again today. I'm sure others will offer many other websites and resources for you.
    Okay, the spicy yam soup was posted by rednyellow and here's the recipe in case anyone is the way, I only had dry sherry on hand and used that to deglaze...this was excellent and here's his post:

    I made a spicy yam soup. It came out fantastic. I browned a large onion and added 2 minced habaneros, 10 cloves of garlic, a bunch of minced cilantro stems and 2 lime's zest. I deglazed with white wine and addede ginger juice, mushroom soy, fish sauce and chicken stock to cover two large yams diced. I simmered for about 30 min, mashed with a potato masher and stirred in off heat the juice from the limes and a handfull of cilantro leaves.

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      I tend to be pretty bored at work, so I'll definitely waste some time on the sites you recommended -- thanks!

    2. Here in DC, we have two outposts of one local restaurant, Rock Creek, where everything is less than 500 calories, and nothing is served with cream or butter. That might give you some ideas. They have their menus on their website.

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        Interesting concept, and their stuff sounds pretty good -- thanks for the link.

      2. I've enjoyed Ellie Krieger's food (of the FoodNetwork) I'm not sure how something healthy could be considered to be great or amazing but her recipes are like good home cooked style food with reduced fat and calories. It is going to be really difficult to find really great healthy foods as there isn't a real market for that. If you want organic, fresh, vegetarian type recipes try Heidi swanson's blog:

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          Great, I'll check these out tomorrow -- thanks for your help.