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Nov 16, 2007 05:27 AM

30" American Range

Any feedback on the new 30" American Residential Ranges?

We are in the middle of a buyback with Wolf for a defective range and looking at a replacement. Any info. is helpful. Thanks,

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  1. Answering my own post...we went ahead and researched this range and decided to order. I will post more once it is installed and we are using it.

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    1. re: 65tang

      I would LOVE to hear anything you have to say about the american range. We are looking to buy the 36" with grill. We've had viking and wolf, but don't want to spend so much this next time around. Thanks!

      1. re: dmsass

        We love the new range! It was installed the week before Christmas and was used non stop for most of the weekend prior. It was a champ!

        The American was less than the Wolf and there are many things that it has that the Wolf didn't that I like. The ss top is a breeze to clean - I hated the porcelain black on the Wolf. The knobs don't have stop points like the Wolf can easily adjust the flame. There are indicator lights on each of the burners and the oven so you can see what is on. The oven is huge! The burners have performed great!

        I'm sure there is more - I would easily buy this range again! Be glad to answer any questions you might have.

        1. re: 65tang

          Hi - we're considering getting the 30" American Range. I've been trying to read up on it online, but I haven't been able to find too many consumer reviews on the internet. I've looked at it a few times in the store & read the material on the American Range site - what sort of research did you do? And did you get any accessories with it?

          Basically, any info you'd like to share would be appreciated. Thanks!

          1. re: inarges

            I did go see the range at the distributor's location. So I asked lots of questions there. I also contacted American directly and got even more info. I contacted another owner and chatted w/him on the phone for quite some time. I continue to be pleased with this range and am so happy to report it is trouble free!

            We got the leg caps and the island riser. We are looking at getting the panels painted in a bit. But I may get the removable griddle one of these days.

            There are a few owners posting on garden web in the appliance forum - do a search for american there, that may help too.

            Good luck.

      2. re: 65tang

        RUN THE OTHER WAY AND DON'T BUY AN AMERICAN RANGE!! We researched and then bought the 30" and it has never worked correctly. Bought it from Dvorson's on 12/21/07, shipped to us 3/17/08, but due to renovation delays not installed for months. Once we tried to use it we started reporting terrible problems. Front heats up to over 128 degrees which has burned us and company. Stove heats totally unevenly, with or without convection on, front left burner leaks gas as well as the oven which can be smelled out in our apartment hallway and the oven sides are so hot that they are burning our custom cabinets which also can be smelled throughout our apartment and into the hallway. At first they, American Range, seemed concerned and replaced the stove front door twice but told us smelling gas was normal and denied that the repairman had reported uneven cooking. The front still heats up hot enough to burn you if you touch it. We have been calling weekly and the VP won't return our calls. They have sent out a repairman at least 6 times but he has said from the beginning that he can't fix the stove. About a month ago they told the repair man to come back and put more insulation around the stove even though he keeps telling him that won't solve the problem or any of the other problems. They told him they would have their engineers research what type of insulation etc and they have never even called him back. Months ago the VP finally said he agreed that the stove had to be replaced but after weekly calls from us after about a month he said the President of the company refused to replace the stove. He is the one who said just have the repairman stuff more insulation around the stove. THEY ARE SIMPLY NOT RESPONDING AND RUNNING AWAY FROM US. Don't buy an American Range!

        1. re: vahiggins

          For every brand of range out there, there's someone who's had a bad experience, felt they got the shaft from the dealer/mfr and then goes all over to shrilly exclaim that no one should ever buy that brand. First and only post(s), etc.

          I've seen this a lot with Bluestar over the years. And I feel for you, in particular regarding the gas leaks. That's something that, if it is really leaking when the range is off, is a real safety hazard. On the other hand, if it's fugitive gas when a burner or the oven is firing up, that to me isn't as big a deal.

          Regarding the outside temperature of the oven door, IIRC, UL allows up to 180 degrees F. This is basically where you can touch it and right away know it's hot and pull away without being burned (i.e. temp over 212F). At 128F, you aren't even close (that's hot tap water temperature in a lot of homes). You also shouldn't get burned unless you touch and hold against the hot surface for a long time (say a few seconds).

          Temperature against the cabinets I believe is allowed to be in the same range. That's presuming you purchased the residential version (commercial requires an air gap on both sides). If your custom cabinets include MDF or particle board in the sidewalls, you could simply be hastening the evaporation of the VOCs in the glue holding them together. If you're seeing scorching, well that's a different story.

          I'd be interested to hear how you quantify the unevenness in the oven.

          Anyway, best of luck getting your issues resolved.

          1. re: ted

            This is not as unusual as you think. I have an American Range wall oven which has broken for the 4th time in 3 1/2 years. All I am asking for is that they figure out why it is breaking and guarantee that it will not continue to break and they have been terrible. Repairs are $500 each, but the first was under warranty and on the 3rd I got a reduction in price, even so this is a $3,000 oven. It is not as good as other ovens I have owned. I dream of getting any money out of it at all and replacing it. The dispute is escalating and I am considering small claims court. I also have their gas range and love it, but if you get a lemon do not expect them to back it up. The customer complaints on the internet are piling up and many are from people who are or were professional chefs like me, we do know how an appliance should behave.

      3. Well, we did it - have had this stove for about a month now, and I absolutely LOVE it! I've never had anything but "landlord specials" and the dirty old thing that was in our house when we moved in, so I certainly can't compare it to any of the other pro-quality stoves, but I don't think I could ever go back, now.

        I think they raised the price right after we got ours, too.

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        1. That's a commercial range, not one for residential use.

        2. Hey 65tang,
          What happened to your Wolf?
          I have narrowed down to Viking or Wolf myself.
          They both look fabulous.
          What type of Wolf did you have AG, Dual Fuel and please, may I ask what went wrong and how old is your Wolf?
          Many thanks, I am to buy in less than 2 weeks.

          Many thanks.

          1. Hi 65tang,
            How is the American Range still going after 1 1/2 years? I am considering the 36". Thanks.

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            1. re: Karlson

              Hi Karison,
              Not sure if you bought an American Range but if you haven't DON'T. Ours has never worked, is dangerous due to front heating up so hot it can burn you, oven heats totally unevenly, stove leaks gas, and is burning our custom cabinets on each side. American Range won't even return our calls or the calls of their repairman here in NYC.

            2. Hi Folks-

              I am looking at a natural gas, either 36" six-burner one oven American Range or the 48" 6 burner, with grill and 2 ovens.

              Are you still happy iwth your AR? Does anyone have the grill and is cleaning easy? [The sales rep at the store whoom I spoke with says don't get the grill--her own grill on the Jenn Air is hard to clean and she never uses hers, says to use the outside grill. I'm torn--in winter in NE, an indoor grill seems like it would be *very* appealing!] Any recent thoughts/experiances?

              many thanks!

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              1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                Hi All,
                As a pastry chef I am very familiar with the American Range and when we wanted a range for our new kitchen we looked at the 36" all gas open burner model (performer). This unit is an upgrade from the commercial ranges in terms of finish yet performs just the same. Oven cooks evenly and with the convection fan on I’ve been able to cook pastry on 3 levels without a problem. The oven is huge just like the commercial ones I’ve used and heats up to 350F in well under 10 minutes, again just like the commercial models. We eat some type of stir frys most evenings and the open burner is more powerful than any residential stove I’ve used before, it can also be reduced down to a very fine simmer which is perfect for delicate sauces. I would recommend this range to anybody wanting a quality piece of equipment for their kitchen. We paid around $4500 and it was worth every penny and better value than the other brands we compared.

                1. re: PastryChefSeattle

                  I am also getting great performance out of the AR gas range and love the high BTU burners, but my electric wall oven from them is a nightmare and customer service is taking its cues from John Cleese. After what I am going through I would not buy anything from them because if there is a problem they do not back their products. My electric infrared oven is broken for the 4th time in 3 1/2 years. They cannot understand why I am unhappy. Need I say more?