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Butternut Squash Ravioli

I'm looking for Butternut Squash Ravioli.....not at a restaurant, but fresh made ravioli to take home and prepare myself. I thought Whole Foods would have some, but no luck. I did get some of their Mushroom Ravioli, which was good....but I really want to find some with Butternut Squash!

Montgomery or Howard County spots to find some?


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  1. check at harris teeter.

    and did you see this?:
    thread mentions restos AND places to purchase for home cooking...

    1. Not in Motgomery or Howard County but if you find yourself in DC I believe the pasta stand at Eastern Market has this type of ravioli.

      1. I believe that Cornucopia in Bethesda (8000 Norfolk in the Woodmont Triangle) has butternut squash ravioli. I'm not sure if it's fresh or frozen though.

        1. I am making it for thanksgiving so have just perfected a recipe....it isn't as labour intensive as I thought (I do NOT have a pasta stretcher...)

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            fishie, you gonna leave us hangin'?

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              Sorry got distracted by (blech) work. Roast 2 butternuts and 3 large sweet potatoes, (face down on a cookie sheet). Scoop them out in a large bowl, wait for them to cool a bit, then mash with a fork and fingers. Don't want it pureed, just spoon-able. Add 1-1.5 cups of good (the imported stuff) parm, and a few good shakes of nutmeg and some sea salt . For the pasta I double sifted regular flour-not 00. The proportion is 1 c flour to 3 large eggs. I made a walnut sage pesto with using some walnut oil. It was deelis

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                thank you, fishie! sounds really savory!

          2. I've seen pumpkin at the Italian Store, though not sure on squash.

            1. I know you asked for Mont. or Howard Co., but the best fresh butternut ravioli that I have found to buy in DC is from one of the inside vendors at Eastern Market (newly relocated in a temporary building).

              1. Not Montgomery or Howard County, but I have gotten them at the Italian Store on Lee Hwy in Arlington.

                Have you tried the Italian Gourmet Market on Darnestown Road (Rt. 28) in Gaithersburg? Its in the strip center where Fuddruckers is.

                1. I love butternut squash ravioli ! I just bought a package at Costco of all places, in the freezer section. It was yummy. As good as fresh, I thought/

                  BTW, there is a recipe over at food network. com for a butternut squash lasagna that uses amaretto cookies that is divine !