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Nov 16, 2007 03:34 AM

Need a new CSA

I just finished the Greensgrow CSA and was not happy with it. Last year I did one with Honeybrook Farms and was extremely pleased. Unfortunately, I didn't get my act together this year and didn't remember to sign up till Honeybrook was sold out.

I found the quality of the produce with Greensgrow not the freshest and the variety and quantity underwhelming. I would say I got half of what I got with Greensgrow.

Anyone have a great CSA that they can recommend? I need pick-up either in Center city or near Moorestown, NJ.


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  1. We did Red Earth Farm's CSA this year and really liked it. They give you your choice of items each week, though I will say that some weeks were more bountiful than others. They have pickup sites scattered through the city, I'm not sure about any NJ pickup sites.

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      I second Red Earth. We've been with them for 3 years now, and have been very satisfied.

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        Do they offer fruits as well as vegetables?

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          Not as part of the basic share, but there is a fruit share add-on (as well as an egg share, and this year, a flower & herbs share). The fruit share, unlike the regular share, comes every two weeks, and there's no opportunity to select specific fruits like there is with the vegetables. But you do get a fair amount of fruit in the delivery (I can't tell you how many peach cobblers, apple pies, etc. I had to make last season).

      2. hi all -
        me and a neighbor are considering splitting a CSA this year and i'm looking into various options. greengrow is closest for us (at least as far as i know). we're in northern liberties. any other comments on what sort of items you got / quantity / quality / price / pickup times? signups start in about a month and i want to be well-researched when we go to choose. thanks!

        1. I'm interested in finding out more as well. I am currently doing Winter Harvest for the cold months. I am interested in high quality fruits and vegetables delivered in the Rittenhouse Square area or South Philadelphia.

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              I saw that - just wondered if...
              1. there were more than two
              2. if there are two, which is the better

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                There are, those two just happen to do business through Farm to City, which you said you're already a part of. My experience is limited to Red Earth, which we chose mainly because they let you choose what you want each week. The only other one I know in the city is Greensgrow, but there's a big list here:


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              Again, I can only speak to Red Earth, but I've been very satisfied with them for the past couple of years. By way of comparison, I just did Winter Harvest for the first time this year and it is really disappointing compared to Red Earth. Sure, the Winter Harvest has a huge selection, but they often fail to deliver ordered products (bison and poke stems, anyone? they were no-shows two or three times!) and are not very well-organized. In contrast, I've had few, if any, order screw-ups with Red Earth -- they are very communicative, and if there are any problems with one week's delivery, they always make up for it in your next box. Very reliable.

              1. re: nns

                thanks all. based on all this i think i'm leaning toward red earth. some really good info here... i am looking forward to it!!

                1. re: rabidog

                  If you do decide on Red Earth, don't delay in signing up. They fill up fast.

                    1. re: saturninus

                      You can't sign up yet. Keep the Farm to City page bookmarked, they should be updating it soon with the enrollment date. I just wanted to impress upon whoever not to delay, we did last year and barely got in.

                      1. re: Buckethead

                        if i spot signup starting, i pledge to post word here!! i'll check it as often as i can remember. i'm really itching for this. just came back from neighborhood produce shopping which was *meh* at best.

                      2. re: saturninus

                        I think that general sign-up may be March 1. Not completely positive. Check every morning (maybe a few times each morning) starting now because last year they had over 50 people too many in less than 7 hours after they opened it up to new folks.

                        I had them last year and they were very good.

              2. I was driving between Cinnamonson and Riverton, NJ, and saw there is a CSA along the main drag; a few blocks from the river. It's all organically grown according to the sign. Obviously , it's not open now, but I plan on checking into it as we get closer to the spring. Next time I am over there, I'll try to see if there is a phone number and will pass it along (there was just a sign out when I drove by the fields)

                1. You can get information about the CSA in Moorestown at