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Nov 16, 2007 03:30 AM

The Longest Yard(Bloor St/Islington Ave)

Well took the family out for dinner last night....unfortunately our usual haunt had a lineup, and everyone was hungry so we thought we would try the 'Longest Yard' that just opened up a couple weeks ago.
Had no expectations, as I have never been to the one on Mt Pleasant...we walked in and immediately my wife said it felt like we were in someone's basement. The decor was as plain as plain could be. Absolutely nothing on the walls, except bland white and flat black paint. Tables were arranged haphazardly, with little thought to customer comfort or flow. The place had no atmosphere at all.
The service was slow, and inconsistent, but probably attributed to new staff, with little or no experience.
The menu had a lot of selection, but I settled on the wings, as its what i usually get on a thursday night at our usual place. Well they were tiny, dry and kinda tough. And 7 wings wasnt anywhere near what I could eat, so I left somewhat hungry.
With two boys the kids menu was not that great, but they ordered the mac and cheese....Kids menu items were $6.99 , which in my mind is a little pricy. And the kids drinks.....honestly they came in a shot glass...

The owners came by and asked how everything was, which was a nice touch, but we lied and said everything was great.

Anyone else been there?

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  1. A bunch of us like to go to the local pubs in the west end Thursday nights in order to celebrate the unofficial end of the week...we hadn't been to the Longest Yard before, so we'd thought we'd give it a shot...

    We arrived at around 7:30pm last night and it was quite busy. To be quite honest, I was very surprised to see children in the establishment - I don't think their menu is all that kiddie-friendly! I would have to agree with you that the service was a little slow and spotty, but once the crowd cleared at around 9:30ish, it became more consistent and was definitely more attentive.

    Wasn't this Longest Yard featured on Restaurant Makeover? This place used to be The Office a while back - and I thought it was a grungy and dirty old bar. I do like the changes the owners have made, but in all honesty, if I'm there to have messy wings and a couple of pints, I'm not all that concerned with the the look or the atmosphere. All in all a pleasant experience.

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        We had wings, kids had mac and cheese with fries and my wife had chicken club sandwich

    1. I was there with my wife about 10 days ago and couldn't agree more with Love it Spicy. The atmosphere was more like a community centre - a big loud box for a room with very bright lights in some area. My guess was they tried to open before the room was finished but who knows?

      I had a fond memory of the first location but it has been many years since I was there. I was disappointed with the menu - I thought it was going to be an upscale pub but the food was much more like the pub-in-a-box restaurants that dominate the city. Unfortunately, we won't go back - too bad as there is a dearth of good restaurants nearby unless anyone has any other suggestions.

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        1. The Longest Yard is a nice clean place to get a pint. The food is just your common pub grub, maybe a little better than average. That's about it.