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Nov 16, 2007 03:17 AM

Cherry Crisp Recipe

I have a freezer full of cherries that I picked over the summer (and have depitted). I was thinking about making a cherry/apple crisp this weekend, but have never done so before (I've only ever just used apples,pears,peaches etc). I find that there is a lot of liquid when the cherries defrost....I would love some tips/recipes on how to make the crisp using these cherries.

Do I have to add flour/corn starch to thicken them up? Should I cook the cherries down a bit first?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks :)

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  1. I too have a freezer full of cherries. They make a terrific crisp! Gourmet had a recipe for "Old Fashioned Cherry Vanilla Pie" which can be found on epicurious. Prepare the cherries as you would the pie filling and you'll be set to go. Cornstarch can be substituted for the tapioca.

    BTW substitute peaches for some of the cherries and you will have another terrific dessert.

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      YUM!!!!! I will definitely check out that recipe.....and try the one with peaches too!