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Nov 16, 2007 01:48 AM

Safe to take hot sauce on plane?

Regular sauce bottles are 5 oz, more than the 3.5 oz TSA limit. Anybody have experience taking a sauce bottle or two on a plane? Did they confiscate your sauce?

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  1. If they find it, they will probably take it. I would check it if you can.

    1. if they find any "too large" bottle it's gone. Go to a drug store and buy those little plastic "shampoo" bottles and pour 3 oz of hot sauce into that. And include in your 3-1-1 bag. BTW - you may want to use a sharpee and write hot sauce on it so the next morning someone does notuse that fancy looking red shampoo on their heair.

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        Caveat, though - one should make certain the right-sized container is food safe. I don't know that I'd be too sure about the travel bottles from the drugstore on this one.

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          Wow, good point cayjohan. jfood forgot about the vinegar-plastic issue.

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            Go to a camping supply store and buy itty-bitty Nalgene bottles. They never leak, and will deal easily with acidic foods. I've used these on many camping trips to transport exotic ingredients, and have never had a mishap.

      2. check it. it's not available where you are going? btw, i transport small glass containers (like hot sauce, mustard, relish) in my checked luggage this way: wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap or paper inside of a large planter's nut tin, or coffee can. then put that within a good zip lock. label it, and tell tsa on the label: "TSA, this is ______, and if you open it, PLEASE re-seal it tightly! thanks"

        1. They've allowed me to take 4 oz, but they will confiscate a 5 oz -- I've had many things confiscated already. : (

          1. As long as it's in your checked luggage, not carry on, you should be fine.