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Nov 16, 2007 01:10 AM

Lunch in Madrid

We will be in Madrid for a quick weekend in two weeks and are looking for one or two good recommendations for lunch. We're set for dinner - will be having tapas one night and re-visiting Arce the next (had a tremendous meal there in September 2006 and would like to go back with friends).

I'd love suggestions for once "nice" lunch (preferably open on Saturday, which I know is difficult) and one mid-range or cheap option.

We are somewhat familiar with the city and staying just off the Grand Via, but happy to travel anywhere that's accessible by public transportation.

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  1. hi. the first things that come to mind:

    al-mounia, c/recoletos (off of paseo del prado). high quality moroccan food
    le petit bistro, c/matute (anton martín). french/spanish mix bistro
    champanería gala, c/moratines ( las letras/anton martín). paella y solo paella.
    la tragantúa, c/veronica (antón martín). stylish traditional spanish.

    cheap, ,:
    o barquiño, c/torrecilla de leal (lavapies). authentic home-style galician (better to order a la carte, not menu)
    la viuda de vacas, c/cava baja (la latina). home-style castillian (menu)
    casa mingo, paseo san antonio la florida (near principe pío). asturian roast chicken and cider, family style.