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Nov 16, 2007 12:40 AM

New year's eve/day fun in Florence/SG/Siena


After visiting family in Rome for Christmas we will be driving throughout Umbria and Tuscany. We plan on spending new year's eve in Florence and want to know of a fun place to eat at and perhaps to count down the new year (bar maybe?). We are in our mid-late 20's, so are pretty much up for anything fun and not stuffy. Budget is not a problem, although nothing extremely expensive (i.e. over 150€) or formal. Preferrably somewhere where the waiters don't speak English and the menu is not in 5 languages...

But of course, we don't want to have too much fun on new year's eve... because we plan to spend new year's day visiting SG and Siena (I know, I know, not enough time...but oh well). Will everything be closed? Or does anyone know of any restaurants in both places that might be open to have lunch/dinner on new year's day? Or will we have to pack panini?


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    Best in Florence rock n roll fun!!! Perfect for you

      1. Many Italians like to go out for a leisurely lunch on holidays like New Years - so I would think you would find a place without too much difficulty. Worth checking out places otherwise interesting to see if they are open and have seats for you. A few years ago we walked into a relatively obscure (we thought) restaurant in Ostia Antica on I think Epifania and we were out of luck, full of Italians settling down to an afternoon of eating.