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Nov 15, 2007 09:29 PM

Help! Place for a drink in Madrona!

Howdy- I'm hoping the PacNW board can help me with an emergency!

I'm taking my wife & two friends out for my wife's birthday dinner tomorrow night at Cremant in Madrona; unfortunately, since I procrastinated on making arrangements, I couldn't get a reservation until 830.

So- are there any good places nearby where we can get together for a drink beforehand? Someplace that will not be too crowded at 7pm on a Friday? Am I just fooling myself here? I don't really want to just go to another restaurant, I'm looking for somewhere pubby or where we can actually sit at a bar while we kill time before our reservation. Help, I really don't know Madrona!


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  1. There's the Madrona Ale House nearby. Very casual and pubbish.

    1. I reccomend St. Clouds right down the street.

      1. there are very few restaurants in Madrona & no true bars that are just bars .... you could have a drink at any of the places mentioned by others ... for a more special birthday experience I'd go to Licorous, it's next to Lark on 12th near Union then either hop in a taxi or drive to Cremant just up Union on 34th .. neither the madrona ale house (motto, got kids?) nor St Clouds will offer you a special birthday experience.

        1. We went out for a birthday last night at Cremant (delicious food by the way!!!), and had a drink afterward at Coupage.

          1. So where did you end up going?

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              Hi Gang!

              Ended up drinking at the Ale House, which was fine for our purposes, and definitely a place I will come back and check out for food some time, looked good.

              Cremant, by the way, was FABULOUS. Mmmmm, pork bellies, and some of the best pate I have had in Seattle. Also a great cheese plate. The range of delicious unhealthy foods available was staggering (and delicious).

              Also, I really appreciate the awesome staff at the restaurant. They treated us to a round of drinks because our table was ready 10 minutes late, and were perfectly attentive without being annoying all night.

              Really a great experience, I'll be back, but probably not before I try Coupage across the street.

              1. re: pusherman

                Thank you, Pusherman, and please let us know how it goes when you visit Coupage.