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Nov 15, 2007 09:00 PM

Near the Expo Center...

Going on a double date tomorrow evening, early, followed by an excursion to the bayside expo center for the snow expo. we are hoping for a moderate priced place where we can have a nice casual dinner and couple drinks. (maybe wine)
near the expo center.
we are from north of boston and will be driving....
any suggestions would be welcomed :)

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  1. C.F. Donovan's in Savin Hill (Dorchester) is nearby. Definitely get there early - it gets packed on weekend nights.

    1. CF D's a good rec. Also the Avenue Grille on Dot Ave. Good old school neighborhood restaurant fare, friendly staff.

      To get to the Grill take the JFK exit off 93 but go right. At the lights take another right onto Dot Ave and the Gille is not far up the street.
      After dinner reverse your steps and you'll be heading straight for the Expo.

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        Every year when we go to the flower show we have dinner first at The Avenue Grille, which I believe I found out about here. We love it.