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Where To Buy Turkey Wings and Necks???

I'm looking to buy wings and necks for stock and haven't been able to find any that aren't smoked.

Any suggestions? Or am I going to have to buy chicken parts for gravy stock?

I tried Berkeley Bowl and they said no.

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  1. You may try a place like the Divisidero Meat Market (Divis and Hayes) or the meat market on Haight at Fillmore.

    1. Willie Bird's retail store -

      Willie Bird Turkeys
      5350 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA

      1. I've seen turkey parts sold at Mollie Stone's. This is rather frequent, but not predictable.

        1. I tend to find them at Safeway and other Chain Supermarkets....

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            yes, bigger Safeways often have them, year round. They might be sold out right now, however...

          2. Andronico's in Palo Alto had them a couple of days ago - in their frozen meat section (near their frozen demi glace). You can call the one in Berkeley.

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              I've seen them in the frozen meat cases at Whole Foods.

            2. Have you tried here?

              San Pablo Poultry Co
              2709 San Pablo Ave
              Berkeley, CA 94702
              (510) 843-6630

              1. There's a place I see from the freeway -- Fair Deal Market(?) -- in Oakland. Looks like your normal butcher/meat market which might carry it

                1. You might try Mission Market Fish & Poultry, 2590 Mission Street, between 22nd & 21st Streets, San Francisco. 282-3331

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                    You might try Magnani Poultry on Hopkins (across from Monterey Market)

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                      I usually find turkey wings, necks and backs at either Safeways or Raleys. I start asking a week or so before I need them to make sure they will be available - make that stock early!

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                        I got necks and backs at the Safeway on Potrero today....the last two packages. no wings....

                      2. re: lmnopm

                        Isn't Magnani on College anymore or did they close that location when they opened on Hopkins?

                        1. re: oakjoan

                          Magnani hasn't been on College for at least five or so years, maybe more. You haven't driven down College in a while, have you, oakjoan?

                      3. re: debby

                        I'll vouch for this one. I buy them here fresh all the time - not just at Thanksgiving

                      4. I saw them at Berkeley Bowl this afternoon, despite what they told you.

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                          Really! Non-smoked turkey wings!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

                          1. re: oakjoan

                            Yep! In the case with all the fresh turkeys. Sorry!