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Best Peking Duck in NYC???

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I am looking for the best pecking duck restaurant in the city. I'm assuming Chinatown would be the place to go but since there are so many restaurants that offer it, I don't know which one is the best one! Please help me out! Thanks.

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  1. do u mean peking? cause all ducks peck!! lol-anyway this topic has been written about a zillion times. my favorite is peking duck house on mott. type in search box the subject and u will find rest of opinions

    1. Its really a very easy and almost obviosu answer: The Peking Duck House.

      There is one in Chinatown and one in mid-town. I believe around 52nd, btwn 2nd and 3rd or so. Both are equally good. The one in Chinatown is actually somehwat "nicer" but same quality food.

      1. Peking Duck House in Chinatown is fine, but not great. Some dishes better than others. Customers wait for tables practically standing over those who are eating. Service is fair, but nothing special.

        1. Peking Duck House on 53rd is my go to place for PD. I would like to try Philippe's on 60th. Anyone been? Also heard the PD is great at Tse Yang and at Tao. Anyone?

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            Yes, Phillippe is eh. Go for the scene, not for the food. Don't go for the duck.

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              I was invited by my in-laws once to Tse Yang and the Peking Duck was excellent. Nothing else was that interesting though, especially given the prices.

            2. I will not get Peking Duck any where else besides New Green Bo. Having been away for a while, the visit last week had me reassured that it is still the juiciest, sweetest, crispiest duck to be had. Don't let the new young waiter wrap it for you, though. Do it yourself and get the right proportion of duck;sauce;dough that you like.

              The shredded beef with jalapeno peppers also hit a spot.

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                Just had Thanksgiving dinner at New Green Bo, with the celebrated Peking Duck...was so mad at myself for not catching it in time, but..the trouble was, that out of the blue, NGB decides they want to add shredded cucumber to the mix: so now it's scallion, cucumber, and the duck sauce. While today's scallions were sliced beautifully, the cucumber is the over-ripe western cucumber (meaning, no cucumber flavor, but lots of mush). We had yet another person wrap it this time, but I was talking to the dinner guests and didn't pay enough attention. The result was mushy, soggy sandwiches, where there's no way anyone can tell just how crispy and juicy the duck itself was. Ruined! Only the person who got to eat the drumsticks at the end realized how great the duck was...but then it was already all gone....

                So, if you go and have peking duck at New Green Bo, skip the cucumber, or watch very diligently and not let the person wrapping put too much. I'm convinced now, that since that one waitress went back to China, there hasn't been anyone nearly as good at it as she was. So, do it yourself.
                Tonight was one of those night that I wish I had just eaten the duck as is, and not have it at someone else's mercy.

                The cucumber, when used, should be just a few pieces, and should be the Asian, thinner, fragrant cucumber, not the ones that are like squash!