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Nov 15, 2007 08:14 PM

New coffee house in Wichita
I saw a commercial for this the other day and I thinkit said coming soon to Wichita. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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  1. Have not heard of them, but looking at their online menu, they get MAJOR points off for: having flavored coffees....this just is not done in a place supposedly dedicated to great coffee. Just the odor of such coffees is enough to drive me out the door; the incorrect usage of the word "panini" as a singular noun---it is Italian for "sandwiches" (in this context) and is PLURAL..."panino" is the correct singular noun for ONE sandwich (not even getting into the crap they are putting on bread and calling it a panino; serving something called a "Tuscan Chicken Salad" ---why is it Tuscan, there is nothing Tuscan about it? it is "curried" chicken and contains cranberries, a fruit you would rarely, if ever (except in some trendy place going for "fusion" or modern cuisine) encounter in Tuscany... There are probably other clues on the menu, but these are major infractions. It's my opinion that if yer gonna put yourself and your product in front of the public using "foreign" terms, etc, you ought to take the time to make sure you are getting it right. Credibility, in my opinion, is a reflection of dedication in the kitchen as well. And they have no credibility in my opinion. That said, 99% of their clientele will never notice these things, nor give a damn. Regardless, details are important. Don't y'all think?
    Oh, one other thing: they claim to make coffee "according to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) standards" but, now here's the detail, their expresso is pulled at 2 ounces, exactly twice what the normal "quality" barista would call a perfect shot of expresso...more than an ounce using a normal amt of coffee will produce a bitter, over-extracted brew. 2 oz would be a doppio or double. I imagine their double is close to 4 ounces? I could not find any absolute "guidelines" for quantity on the SCAA website, though in the FAQs they do refer to a 1 oz espresso. Certainly Italian regs define a single espresso as about an ounce (don't know the metric conversion). Details, details...

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      I think you're being a bit harsh. I don't know if I've ever been in a coffeehouse in this country without flavored coffee. So long as the flavorings are added to the cup and never touch the brewing or serving equipment, it's all good. (Otherwise everything starts to taste like Irish cream.) The names are clearly pretentious/ridiculous, but I'd also disagree that the mis-adoption of foreign terms matters. If I don't know if Kung Pao is singular or plural, why should it bother me if someone fits a foreign word into their native language with tamale or panini. (This laissez faire attitude doesn't apply to food abuse, though. I've heard that they make tacos from fried flour tortillas in the Wheat Belt. Eek!)

      The roasted coffee to-order sounds cool, but I wonder how much of that is automated. My local roaster knows when to stop by the sensory cues, not by time.

      As a small, local outfit, they're probably expanding because they're good and well-liked, rather than because they're flush with investor cash and a manifest destiny. That sounds like a good sign.

      1. re: cali2ia

        if you look at their web page, they do indeed sell flavored coffee beans. this is nasty stuff. if someone feels the need to have hazelnut coffee, add that sugar water syrup stuff, or brew it at home!!!!
        the language thing is a matter of respect. when i'm in italy, i likewise get irritated with misuse of's so easy to check. and yes, they do fry flour tortillas here which, as i've posted elsewhere, is an abomination to this misplaced texas with lots of weeks of travel in Mexico under his belt...and it shows!
        now, Moka's may indeed have great coffee, and they probably do as regards their espresso (they just emailed and said the site is wrong, their single shots are indeed one ounce, not two), a visit to any "serious" coffeegeek coffee bean roaster/shop will show that they will not allow flavored beans through the door. It's one reason Wichita's Spice Merchant can't be taken seriously in regards to their beans (i don't think they do a good roasting job period). Try Stumptown Coffee in Portland and many others around the country. No Irish Creme or hazelnut to be found. It's why i''m gonna get back to roasting my own. Cheaper and far fresher, and better than what I can get locally.

        All this is really moot for Wichita in any case....they just emailed and said they have no plans to open here in the near future!

        1. re: sambamaster

          I stand corrected. I didn't notice the photo with their "cinnamon hazelnut" beans the first time around. Ick. They'd better have a separate grinder for that stuff.

    2. Mokas is in Towne East (lower level near Dillard's). At least, it was last I checked. I believe this is also the coffeehouse in downtown Newton?

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        Perhaps the one in that mall is called Mokas, but it's not connected with the one in newton, at least not according to their GM who emailed me this morning:
        "Mokas coffee would also like to state that we have no plans of moving to the Wichita area as of right now, I am sorry for the misinformation."
        if someone is using that same name in ICT, she might need to get a cease a desist, assuming they used the name first...not sure if a judge would consider Newton close enough for infringement? but prior usage is healthy legal protection.

      2. I believe they already have a location in Towne East, at least they did earlier this year. I have visited their location in Newton and the coffee was quite good and the ambience was great, the building charming. Best of all, they're locally owned. If you drive to Newton to check them out there, walk up Main street and look around the city's locally owned health food store, Prairie Harvest: Go Kansas foodies! p.s. If you're not avoiding chains check out the high quality coffee at the two Scooter's locations on the west side. They are based out of Omaha, but owned by a local family.

        1. I worked across the street from the Mokas in Newton. In fact, I helped them out a lot with their website and Internet Cafe system, to the point where everything I got there was "on the house". They have a great atmosphere, very much the "neighborhood cafe". Plus the original owner's name was cool: Jessica James.

          The coffee was so-so. I mainly just headed over when I needed a break or snack, or a place to think away from the office.

          I haven't been back since the original owner sold the place. So I guess it was the atmosphere and the freebies that kept me going, not the quality.