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Nov 15, 2007 08:05 PM

where to eat in downtown LA tomorrow?

Im dropping my mom off at 500.Temple tomorrow around 9, where can i go have a good meal and pass time for about 4 hours?..Phillipes is my default =] what about that fish market? i forgot the name

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    1. go to little tokyo and either get ramen at daikokuya, sushi at sushi gen, or curry at curry house. enjoy little tokyo and check out the murakamai exhibit at moca, which is adjacent to the japanese american national museum which you can also check out. your 4 hours shall go by pretty quickly.

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        DITTO! and ditto the langers! keep in mind parking will be tough so try to just stick with one neighborhood..

      2. I have to second Langers on Alvarado and 7th. But when I go, I'm there for about an hour. You'll need somewhere else to go. How 'bout Langers for breakfast, then go to Phillippe's for lunch.