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Nov 15, 2007 08:03 PM

Village Steakhouse - Las Vegas

I'm going to vegas in december, i just heard about this place. anny comments?

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    1. how expensive is it? their are no prices on the menu.

      1. can you compare it to any other restaurants? i dont know if you are from new york or not, but is it like prime grill, or more like abigaels?

        1. re: kiddush hopper

          I just spent a few days in vegas, and enjoyed a few lunches at the VS. Much about the decor and service/settings etc. reminded me of the Prime Grill in NY.
          The 'power-lunch' special ($20 for 3 selections from a lunch menu) was ridiculously cheap considering the quality. The only foods I've tasted there are:
          Caesar salad
          some type of foccacia-style mini rolls which were delicious, & some dips
          roasted pepper soup
          pastrami sandwich on some type of toasted panini bread
          turkey sandwich (don't remember the full name)
          chocolate mousse
          which were all excellent, and tasted extremely fresh. I might add that I have been a regular at Prime Grill for about 7 years, and both the quality of what I tasted, as well as the price/value, leave PG in the dust (PG has gone downhill bigtime in the last year, but that's another story). I can't comment on the service, as whenever I was there the place was pretty empty, and I was seated and served immediately.

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. okay, i just got back from vegas. we went to village sunday night. stay tuned for a full review. i will write every detail, the only problem is im at work, and its gonna take a while, so its gonna have to wait till i get home

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              KH when you have a chance could we get that review?

            2. Ok my wife and I went there for our wedding anniversary and I ordered the strip steak, it tasted poorly. My wife ordered the buffalo steak and it too tasted poorly. The waiter was rude.

              To elaborate on the rudeness, he was explaining how their garlic potatoes were prepared, and I didn't quite understand him so I asked "are they creamy"?, he replied...."I just told you"...To me that was rude.

              The meat tasted very odd and was nothing outstanding.

              The atmosphere was cold and soulless. There was however a guy playing acustic guitar and that was nice.

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              1. re: revans

                i am so completely shocked by this report!!! i hope you spoke with the manager, or owner, because thast is something that they will not stand for, and you probably would have gotten 1/2 your meal comped. when my wife and i were there, our service was sooooooooo superb. and since we were there late at night, we schmoozed with the owner for almost an hour. he was the catering director at the venetian for 5 years, and all of his staff worked at restaurants on the strip. a report of bad service is NOT something he takes lightly. he spent a ton of money making this restaurant, which due to the clientele, and location has a high risk of failure, and he will literally do anything to make sure his restaurant has, and keeps having a good name.

                1. re: kiddush hopper

                  My wife and I visited Village Steakhouse last week (Tuesday night) and for the most part we agree with revans's assessment. I will address 4 things; the place itself, service, food, price.
                  1- the restaurant is actually pretty close to the strip, took us about 20 min from the Bellagio (drove myself). It was a cold night and when we arrived (without a reservation) we were asked to wait until 'the service is ready to seat us, because they just had a big party leave and they needed to get things in order' . That was a quote by the person in front. The place was 1/2 empty at this point! We sat in the front on comfy lounge sofas, but were freezing from the wind drafts blowing in from the front door. After 10 min, i got up and "told" the hostess to seat us, which she did. The seats we got were still near the door and at one point I put my coat on... but didn't want to move again. I felt the place was just cold... both temperature wise and decor wise. It's poorly lit and not cozy. The guy playing guitar was a nice touch until I realized that they were also playing soft music over the loudspeaker (it was pretty low, but just annoying!)
                  2- service: aside from making us wait too long, I thought the rest of the service was quite good. Our server was attentive and made a number of suggestions which were very welcomed. He came by a number of times to check on us and see that everything was to our liking.
                  3- food... AH, the food. I ordered the fish tartare appetizer (tuna and salmon with guacamole and it was really good. The mix of all three items went surprisingly well. My wife had the mushroom and onion thing and she loved it. both dishes had good flavor and wonderful presentation. For our main, I had the rib steak and my wife had the veal chop. Mine was ok... too thin and although I asked for median rare, it was too dry, so nothing special (i am used to NY steakhouses) but my wife's chop was very good. The sides (i do not remember them, were pretty good as well. I had a glass of Castel with my meal (the waiter brought it before the appetizer though... ) and that was ok. so all in all, I would say the starters were very good and the mains left something to be desired.
                  4- price... it was moderately expensive. dinner for 2 with a glass of $11 wine was $154.00 (included 15% tip)
                  Would I go there again? I don't think so. It's not worth the bother or money.

                  1. re: shabbostish

                    We also ate at a few other places in Vegas, and when I have a few min free I will post about those.

                2. just came back from village steakhouse, if everyone likes rudes waiters and a 3 hours wait to get there food i will recommand it, the service is lousy, the owner as no knowledge how to operate, people were leaving with out eating, there prices are very expensive, the food is ok. i will never go back, you end up frustrated, if you want an early dinner you should go at 2pm maybe you will be lucky and finish at 7pm.
                  the worst service i have ever encountered.
                  kosher eater

                  1. re: kosher eater

                    I am just curious to know if you were there during one of the Conventions (jewlery, ICSC) because just like all the kosher places, they get backed up very quickly.

                    1. re: HungryJew

                      I hope to be there in about 3 weeks, and will report on how the place seems now. As I said earlier, my previous experiences here were very good - so it'll be interesting to update.

                      1. re: strellson

                        Friends husband will be there that time as well...please report quickly.