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Nov 15, 2007 07:19 PM

Need Sports Bar in Gainesville

Saturday night, we are going to the Rutgers/Florida basketball game, but earlier in the day we want to watch the Rutgers/Pittsburgh football game at a sports bar. Can anyone recommend a place with decent food where we could watch the game. Keep in mind that most people will want to view the Florida/FAU football game, so we need a place that hopefully can spare 1 television screen for "our" game. Help!

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  1. Gainesville Alehouse has good food. It's on Archer Road. Swamp is good but also right on the "strip" so you may have a hard time with that. Also on University Ave is "Mothers" which has cold beer and decent food - but perhaps game-day crowds. Copper Monkey is same area and might be OK. You won't get sound, but may get a TV. Gator City (same area) might be ok too. decent bar food. Swamp definitely has the best food of all those.

    If the start time is exactly the same, you may be OK right on University Ave. since tickets should be readily available for the Gator game and people will actually be going as opposed to getting shut out and sitting at the bar - snag a table somewhere when fans leave and start your begging.

    If you want a true gator gameday experience, The swamp is worth it, even at the sacrifice of TV size or crowds.

    Your best bet may be a "dive" - we watch games, drink beer and play video games at JP Gators when we go down for games. I wouldn't want to eat there, though (although they MAY have decent bar food) ... I have some friends who won't even walk in there.

    Hogan's Heros? Good subs, a wall of TVs. It's around NW 13th St. and 23rd ave (don't quote me on this, haven't been there in about 5 years, and haven't lived there in 10 so I'm "off" on roads)

    A place out near the Oaks mall or on Archer Road (such as hops) that isn't a dedicated sports bar ... downtown has Harry's, but can't remember the TV setup.

    I'm bad at this, we're in Big 10 country and have been known to take our laptop into restaurants/bars to drink/eat/watch the gator game because we can never find anywhere to put it on.