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Nov 15, 2007 06:35 PM

NYC Itinerary - comments?

Trying to finalise the list of places for our 5 day pre-Christmas trip to the city. I don't for the life of me know where I will put it all. I will likely have to be barrelled back to the airport for the trip home!

I haven't had time to fit all this into some sort of schedule yet, but would appreciate any feedback/help. I will of course be reporting back here after all had been digested and cogitated.


Cafe Grumpy/Shake Shack
Washington Sq Dosa Cart Manny
Katzs - yay! (to kick off RGR's lower east side foody walking tour).


Jean Georges - Nougatine


Blue Smoke
Grimaldis or poss. Una Pizza Napoletana


Sugar sweet sunshine (tagged to LES tour)
Roccos for Cannoli
Bakerys in Chinatown?


Fairways - fancy a neb round one...look good.
Grays Papaya - a dog from the movies! :)

Still yet to decide on a dinner location for our Radio City night. On a previous thread we were rec'd Modern at Moma, Wu Liang Ye and Omido. Having a hard time choosing. Any others? St. Andrews?

Also yet to acquire somewhere to eat on our arrival night near Times Sq/Rock. May just nip to Le Parker Meridean for a burger?

As a full time curryhound, the only other thing I wouldn't mind drafting into the schedule is perhaps some authentic Indian. No chance of that near Midtown I guess?

Many thanks for all your help,

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  1. Skip Norma's; Balthazar is much better.

    There's a current thread on lunch at Jean Georges lunch in the main dining room vs. Nougatine that you might want to check out.

    Personally I'd skip Blue Smoke unless you have a huge craving for BBQ and live in a BBQ-starved town. You might also want to check out Hill Country.

    I also like UPN over Grimaldi's. But Una Pizza can be kinda expensive for pizza, and you also have to go on the early side, before they run out of dough. It's kinda hard to compare the two styles. One is Naples-style, one is New York-style.

    There's actually a number of pretty good Indian restaurants near Midtown East; there's a mini-restaurant row of them on East 58th street. I haven't been in a while but I'm sure CHers will chime in.

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      Thanks Kathryn!

      Will probably do both Normas and Balthazars, although I hear you that I should expect better at Balthazar. Normas is just because we are staying at the Rock hotel for our first is convenient to mosey to for brunch before we checkout and move on to the Chelsea Lodge. Its a shame Balthazar only seem to do their full brunch menu at our stay doesn't cross a weekend day, but none the less, I'm looking forward to it.

      Some BBQ was defo on my todo there isn't any at all over her in the UK. I will definately check out Hill Country.

      I quite fancied UPN over Grimaldis myself...the guy sure sounds devoted to his craft. I chuckle to myself when I hear that his pizzas are considered expensive. Over here, thats about how much it is for a PizzaHut pizza! It may be that we end up at Grimaldis as we can tie that in with a bridge walk...but if the chance arises...I will nip to UPN.

      Good news about the Indian restaurants in ME...look forward to hearing some recs!

      Thanks again! :)

    2. I went to Blue Fin in Times Square for a business lunch and really enjoyed it. A bit pricey, but not totally inaccessible. (Same people as Blue Smoke.)

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      1. re: NYCfoodgirl

        Not same people. Blue Fin is part of Steve Hanson's Be Our Guests; Blue Smoke is Danny Meyers group.

        1. re: chow_gal

          You're absolutely right. I stand corrected.

      2. just tried lupa on monday and i wasn't very impressed getting a table after the third try. our entrees were very salty. it's also hard to get a table unless you made reservations way in advance. otheriwise it's a 3 hr wait (so we were told) walk in on a sat evening at 5:30pm.
        wu liang ye is good if you like spicy, szechuan food. at times the place does get pack so you might want to make a reservation.

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          1. Amy's is alright but I found the cupcake too small and the wrapper made it hard to eat. For Billy's the yellow cupcake I had was DRY but the chocolate one was fine.

            Veniero's has fine cannoli but they're pre-filled and could have been sitting around all day. Rocco's fills the shells after you order.

          2. My family of 4 just got back from a similar trip, so I can only give you what we did, liked, would do differently:

            Fri. late dinner: Blue Ribbon Bakery (literally everything's really good).
            Sat. lunch: Szechuan Gourmet (rabbit & tongue/tripe apps. were good, cumin lamb, fish heads in spicy broth)
            Sat. dinner: Casa Mono (I just love this place, esp. the duck egg w/ mojama, black truffle slices, over potatoes. Great dish)
            Sun. lunch prix fixe at Perry Street (try the tartare, poached snapper, gravlax dishes)
            Sun. dinner: Kampuchea Noodle Bar (Cambodian street food. All pretty good but hot and cold small plates the best, noodle dishes good, sandwhiches were my least favorite)
            Mon. lunch: Esca (one word: crudo. Order a few of them.)
            Mon. dinner: Babbo (Always a lovely dinner)
            Mon. lunches: dogs at Papya King before the Met, late lunch at Dosa Man, later lunch a crispy duck form Ka-Man on Canal
            Mon. dinner: Spotted Pig (All appetizers were good, then gnudi, gnudi, gnudi. Calf's liver w/ succotash was good, too)

            We ate really well. No place I wouldn't revisit. I didn't list all we ordered at each place for time reasons, but if you have any questions about any of the menus, I'd be happy to elaborate if I can.

            Time for clear broth....