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Olive Oil Sampling?

I'm getting annoyed wasting good money on bad olive oil that I don't get to sample from the get go. Any suggestions on stores in Seattle that have a good selection of their oils ready to sample before purchasing? My wallet and I thank you.

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  1. I did not stop, but thought I saw olive oils being sampled a little North of the Gyro stand on Pike Place the other (week? month? day?)

    1. There's a new Oil and Vinegar store at Bellevue Square mall that offers tastings. Lots of different varieties too. I would have spent more time exploring but I had the husband in tow and patience was limited.

      1. The two suggestions you got are right. The place in Bellevue square has tons of different kinds, also the store, right next to the Gyro in Pike Place market( about 3 stores down)
        if you are at the olive oil place, stop at La Bueno Tavola where they have tons of great
        stuff to try like truffle oils and they might have olive oil too. This weekend there is the
        food and wine festival so check that out too.

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          Thanks guys. I now have something to keep me occupied at Bellevue square next time we head over there during the next downpour while my son is at the gerbil wheel, I mean play area.

          1. I believe DeLaurenti in the market always has olive oils out for sample by the stairs up to the wine area.

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              Doh! I was just there Wednesday but I didn't go upstairs. Good to know, thanks. I need to check out the stall by the Gyro joint, I kind of thought it was a tourist trap and never really checked it out. Bad assumption on my part I guess.

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                I've confirmed that they (DeLaurenti) still have tastings of some olive oil varieties in a small tray next to the stairs at or near the top. We went and tried about eight varieties, and I think they had a few more than that open. I didn't find one I was completely thrilled with, but they were nice.

            2. I like "Frantoia" extra virgin that I buy at PFI. Not an exact answer, but hope that helps.

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                They sell Frantoia at DeLaurenti, but I find it too fruity for my taste.

              2. not sure the name, but the Bellevue one also has a store in Pacific Place. I believe it's the owners of L'Occitane (sp?) but it's all olive oils and such. The Pacific Place one has always had a wonderful staff who will let you taste anything.

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                  The one in Bellevue Square is Oil and Vinegar.
                  The one in Pacific Place is O & Co.
                  I think they are entirely different companies.

                  Sampling at Oil & Vinegar is much more fun.
                  They do smaller (but more expensive?) bottles too.

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                    Oliviers and Co in Pacific Place has terrific stuff, and they let you sample. It is pricey, though--this is not where you buy your cooking olive oil. They have some excellent vinegars as well. It's a French chain that we first visited in Paris, and we keep going back despite the prices for the same reason you first mentioned-we got tired of paying $$ for not so great oil elsewhere.

                2. Chefshop.com (which is a local business) has a brick and mortar location that is open sporatically on the weekends. Since it's the holiday season I anticipate them to be open pretty regularly. They always have a dozen or so high quality olive oils for tasting.

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                    Chefshop.com's retail store is open on a regular basis. I tasted olive oil there myself not too long ago and walked away with a delicious one!

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                      Good to know. I know they used to have regular hours but stopped that when they moved. I'm glad they started up again.

                  2. I know the place in the market across the street from the main part, near the chinese bakery has samples out.

                    I personally like Adolfo's which I buy up in bellingham...

                    1. They always had a selection of oils out at the old Spanish table. I can't imagine that the new spot (right across the street) isn't still sampling.

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                        They aren't! At least they weren't the couple times I've been in. I miss the old sampling station.