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Nov 15, 2007 06:21 PM

Acquerello or Ame?

I need help. An out-of-town foodie friend is coming into town and wants to go to either Acquerello or Ame. He is asking me which, but I have been to neither and therefore am seeking advice.

This guy is a food fanatic, with lots of opinions (which he probably deserves to have -- he's pretty knowledgeable). I don't know why he narrowed it down to just these two restaurants; perhaps because he's already been to most other top-end places in SF on previous visits.

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  1. Neither has anything in common except they both start with an A. Does he want Italian or does he want Japanese seafood infused with French and Italian? Ame is more of a scene and modern if you would. Acquerello is tucked away and a bit out dated in interiors but good and relaxing.

    I think Ame might be more interesting.

    1. Proverbial chalk and cheese.

      Acquerello is Italian with a flair, Ame is Japanese-influenced French.

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      If he is a food fanatic, my suggestion is that he visit both. Both have their unique strengths.