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Nov 15, 2007 06:14 PM

Rattlesnake in Sedona - hype?

We're taking a small trip through the Southwest over Thanksgiving (SoCal to Abq and back) --- a friend mentioned eating rattlesnake in Sedona.

Is this just meaningless hype for the tourists or something that is local and worth sinking our fangs into?

Any tips on good places to eat in Sedona, South Rim Grand Canyon, Albuquerque are always much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Meaningless hype for the tourists. Locals don't actually eat it; I have seen it for sale at a local Asian grocery store (accidentally mixed in with the "beef pizzle", no less), but other than that I've only seen it for offer at the really touristy Western places such as Rustler's Rooste and Rawhide.

    1. Rattlesnake meat is so boney that it is easier to buy it already processed so that restaurants just needs to throw it in a fryer or oven to bake. It’s flavor profile is nothing spectacular so people serve it so that the tourists can go back home to say that they ate rattlesnake.

      Mountain Oysters are similar as their flavor profile is far from great, so they are much like rattlesnake as people serve them so that people can say that they ate Mountain Oysters.

      I would like to go back in time and shake the hands of the very first people who decided to whip up a batch of both items for the very first time because they looked tasty.