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Nov 15, 2007 06:12 PM

Shopping for local ingredients in Santa Fe

We're running off for an impromptu long weekend in Santa Fe over Thanksgiving. We're renting a house so will have a full kitchen. We will be quite close to Canyon Road and about a mile from the Plaza. We will have a car.

My question is: where can I buy delicious, local meats, chiles, and produce (preferably from independant shops) in Santa Fe reasonably close to the location mentioned above? We're not going to cook up a storm, but would like to make a couple of suppers, and maybe breakfasts and picnic lunches.

I know that there is a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's etc. located pretty close by, but I was hoping to find more eclectic shops. I don't mind gourmet/specialty stores, but I would prefer places that locals buy their food from regularly.


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  1. You will be close to Kaunes specialty grocery store and they have great fresh meats. In the same shopping center is Ohoris coffee shop and I LOVE their coffee. The Farmer's Market on Sat and maybe Wed(?) has a lot of interesting options. I'm not too sure how great the winter market is tho....
    Perhaps someone local will have more definitive ideas as I only make it to Santa Fe 3 or 4 times a year. Have fun!

    1. Kaune's is the place if "local" is important though the Whole Foods has, since summer, been making an effort in that direction in the Produce Department. Items are clearly marked.

      The winter Farmer's Market (now indoors at 519 Cerrillos Road near Sage Bakehouse) has far less in the way of produce but still offers locally grown grass-fed beef, Pollo Real chicken and Churro Lamb. Winter Market days are Saturday and Tuesday.

      1. Second and third what has already been said. Be warned that Kaune's is quite small, and closes early (7pm). I've had mediocre produce from them, but their meat counter is great.

        Because Santa Fe is a city of roughly 60,000 year-round residents, independent and specialty stores are really non-existent. Aside from the big guns that you have already mentioned, Kaune's is your only local grocer.

        1. I may be replying too late for you, but you might try La Montanita Coop on West Alameda. They carry several local items (fewer now than in summer, unfortunately) which are well marked.

          1. Bumping up this thread - -we're moving to Santa Fe in early '08. There have been some great tips on here for "out of the ordinary" grocers and markets, but I was hoping for even more ideas. Kaune's sounds like a great place for higher-end ingredients and for a butcher shop-- how about smaller Mom & Pop places, or even specialty markets that aren't necessarily grocery stores, but carry some food items?

            ((And I'm not limiting my search to "local" stuff, necessarily, but I'm also interested in specialty and hard to find items))

            For example, in a Google search for shops in the area, I noticed something called "Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe" for cookware and other items. Anybody know about this store? Any good? From their Web site, it seems they carry some gourmet food items as well. Anything else like it in the area?

            Keep the good ideas comin' folks!

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              Las Cosas is for cooking tools, supplies etc. Well stocked, pleasant people. Very little food items. Some specialty teas and salts; a few olive oils and chocolate truffles.

              Previously they sold brought-in, frozen Turduckens and unusual frozen appetizer things but they've devoted the space now to cookbooks. Guess they sell better.

              Albuquerque has a Williams-Sonoma and several specialty food markets.

              1. re: fyfas

                Great info fyfas, thx! Las Cosas sounds like the kind of store I'd really like!

                As for Williams-Sonoma, that's an excellent reminder that I shouldn't forget about Albuquerque, since we are looking in the southern part of Santa Fe, in the Art Barns area, so a trip to Albuquerque doesn't seem like it would be that far.

                Thanks again - let me know if you think of anything else I should know re: specialty items/grocers!

                1. re: Neely_Ohara

                  1. Please read what I already wrote above. Santa Fe is a small town. Have you been here before?
                  2. The Art Barns are actually farther away from Albuquerque than many points in Santa Fe proper. Of course, we're talking about maybe 15 add'l minutes on an already 1hr drive, so it depends on how far you are used to driving for groceries.
                  3. The one place that is unsurpassed in ABQ is Talin Market, an international foods market with great ingredients from around the world.

                  That being said, I can find 90% of the ingredients I need at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and occasionally Albertson's. I don't much of a need for a specialty shop.