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Nov 15, 2007 06:09 PM

Happy Hour at T-REX

Melanie says I have to post. I went to chowdown happy hour at T-Rex in Berkeley this evening. We were upstairs which is mostly glass and has nice overstuffed chairs, very elegant and comfortable; a nice place. The draft beer was great and at $3 from 3 to 6 p.m. a bargain as well-note that some of the mixed drinks are $5 during that time period. I tried the riblets, onion rings, french fries, mac and cheese, oysters, peanuts, and smoked salmon toast. I don't think this is a place to go for the food, but a great place to go for the drinks and ambiance between 3 and 6 p.m. Maybe some one who had more to drink than I did can come up with something nice to say about the food.

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  1. My favorite happysnacks are the eggs, and also the beef jerky (not on the happymenu). The fries aren't bad either. The riblets and onion rings were personal disappointments.

    1. Dang, I knew there was something I forgot today.

      Anyway, while I wasn't there today, I think it is a place to go for food for happy hour ... and do ... despite the fact that I don't usually do repeats on food I've tried. Don't like the salmon toast, deviled eggs or spring roll. I do like the ribs, fries and onion rings ... and beer. I'm nuts about the smoked mixed nuts which is what I usually order. the riblets next. The riblets though have been inconsistant.

      The mac and cheese must have been off the regular menu. This is one of the many side dishes that gets changed often and I don't order it anymore because it is a "lady or tiger' situation ... you never know what to expect.

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        Yes the mac and cheese was delicious except for the extra tablespoon of salt they put in it.

      2. The upstairs is a comfy place for drinks and the happy hour prices were good. I find that T-Rex has a heavy hand with the salt on most dishes so wasn't surprised by the mac & cheese saltiness - it was still delish (and yes, it was a side on the regular menu). We also tried the greens as a side dish - good taste, but weren't chopped much so were difficult to eat. The fried food was a bit greasy for my taste and the spring roll didn't have much flavor. I always want to like T-Rex's food more than I do. Lee really liked the chipotle vodka though (and the chipotle ketchup that came with the fries) and was more impressed with his burger than he has been with much of the BBQ. All in all, the company, drinks and setting get an A, the food not so much.

        1. First off, thanks to Melanie for organizing, and as always the company was great. This was my first visit to T-Rex and really appreciate the opportunity to share a new place with other hounds.

          First impressions: T-Rex is much bigger, quieter, and comfortable (especially in the lounge area upstairs where we were) than I had imagined. Nice spot for a group.

          Second impressions: the $5 happy hour well drink menu includes Maker's Mark Manhattans, which is what I ordered. I ended up enjoying two of the better Manhattans I've had in recent memory. I'd go back for drinks in a heartbeat.

          As for food: in addition to the items mentioned, various hounds tried deviled eggs from the happy hour menu and several items from the regular menu, including spare ribs, short ribs, and mashed potatoes.

          At $1 each the oysters were a good deal, they were from BC, but we weren't given any more information about their source. I had three or four, and they varied in terms of how tasty and well-shucked they were. The mignonette was too strong, lemon juice was a better choice.

          The deviled eggs had too much mayonaise, but were attractively served on a bed of arugula, The fries were nothing special, but the ketchup that came with them was delicious. I actually liked the simple, mushroomy filling on the spring roll, but at three dollars apeice I probably wouldn't order it again.

          I thought the riblets were tasty, as was the spicy sauce on the ribs....

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          1. re: susancinsf

            adding a link.

            T-Rex Barbeque
            1300 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

          2. I do like the cheap beer (and beertails), but I'm generally unimpressed with the happy hour menu. I still think that the spareribs and the short rib are the best things on the full menu.