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Nov 15, 2007 06:06 PM

Saturday dinner on First Hill (SEA)?

I'm meeting friends this Saturday for an early dinner -- before they attend a concert at St. James (Ninth and Marion). For those without Hunt Club funding, there aren't a lot of options on First Hill...are there? I'm fairly new back to Seattle after an almost ten-year absence, so there's probably a lot I don't know. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks.

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  1. Returning Son, You are five minutes from the International District which offers excellent affordable cuisine. I suggest Seven Stars Szechuan, Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf or the funky Fort St. George (Japanese). You are also just a few minutes from the Kingfish Cafe (traditional Southern) is your cholesteral count permits. Avoid O`Asian as it's the equivilent of an Asian Olive Garden.

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      Monsoon ain't totally cheap, but is totally worth it.
      615 19th Ave E

    2. Tulio's is just a few blocks away, closer than the ID or the eateries on 12th (Lark, La Spiga, Quinn (on 10th)...) O'Asian is not a bad choice actually and more palatable to unadventurous eaters than Seven Stars, Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf, or Fort St George (which might be too casual for your group). (some decent options at O'Asian (which validates parking at night) would be the dragon boat (crispy flounder filet on crispy bone), pea vines w/ garlic, ma po tofu, sticky rice fried rice (or the house fried rice), wagyu beef w/ black pepper sauce, salt and pepper chicken wings...)

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        I'll second the mighty Quinn's, but you should call ahead; they don't take reservations, but will put you on the list. Waiting time was over an hour last weekend! Many great options also in the ID -- in addition to those mentioned, the Malaysian place on 12th and also Sichuan Cuisine on Jackson.

        What's Ft. St. George??? Sounds very mysterious...

        1. re: pusherman

          Ft. St. George is a Japanese restaurant "as you would find in Japan" which is different from sushi places. They offer an odd mix of food which makes the place fun and definitely Chow-worthy. As to O'Asian, it offers the same viseral experience as buying a used car on North Aurora.

          1. re: Leper

            Although i enjoy Tokyo fusion type food (hamburg steak w/ fried egg and curry gravy, fried chicken w/ mayo and spaghetti etc), Ft St George is unfortunately not a great example of the genre. Chicken karaage tends to be cardboardy and bland, curry mix straight out of the box, etc. But it's better than American fast food and a good change of pace. I find the food at Seven Stars to be pretty one dimensional compared to O'Asian, but it's good for a spice fix.

            1. re: barleywino

              I've never been to Ft. St. George, but right across the hall is Maekawa, which I reccomend highly. Especially Kakuni, which is called "Stewed pork served with hard boiled egg" on the menu but is actually DELICIOUS $5 pork belly...

              1. re: dagoose

                the Armour Bowl special at Samurai noodle shop also has a (sometimes nice and fatty, especially if you request it) braised pork with hard boiled egg (comes with ramen noodles etc)

                1. re: barleywino

                  Ohmygod, just thinking about the pork ramen is making me's liquid pig...Samurai Noodle is a great place, though something of a risk for dinner given it's very, very small size and inappropriateness for take-out.

                  You know, it's funny, for such an allegedly healthy place, Seattle really excels at interesting pork delivery methods...

      2. I've never been, but isn't Geneva nearby? Mittle European, old-fashioned dining room. It would be within walking distance.