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Nov 15, 2007 05:54 PM

The Best Portuguese Chicken it? (Etobicoke)

The Best Portuguese Chicken, located on Queensway, east of Islington.
Is it the "The Best Portuguese Chicken"

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  1. I just ate there 2 weeks ago - it was good quality, and you get an excellent sized portion for what you pay, but the food itself is nothing really special. Tastes like any other BBQ chicken I've ever had. Similar to Costco or any standard grocery store BBQ chicken. Didn't seem particularly Portuguese-y to me at all.

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    1. re: gps_shag

      A pub in Mississauga near Rathburn and Ponytrail is owned by a Portuguese guy and, no surprise, Portuguese chicken is on the menu. It is very good and inexpensive. In fact I think you can get a whole chicken (two legs, two breasts) with rice, to go only, for 10 bucks.

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        What's the pub called (Rathburn & Ponytrail)?

        1. re: 5andman

          The Pump on Rathburn. Its in the plaza with Longo's.

          While you're there grab a loaf of the Calabrese at Cordi, the Italian bakery.

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            The Pump
            1891 Rathburn Rd E, Mississauga, ON L4W3Z3, CA

      2. re: gps_shag

        The chicken is good but not authentic, Portuguese style but more commercialized Portuguese chicken/food. The service and owners are great, big portions, not bad prices. $10 for a whole chicken, much better then what you can buy at a grocery store. Sometimes can seem a little bald and salty, rice etc.. not very authentic but still a good eat and price. If you are looking for awesome Portuguese chicken/food, check out Mario's BBQ on Dundas St., just east of Hurontario St in Mississauga.

      3. In Etobicoke, I prefer the churrasco chicken from the place on the Queensway about two blocks east of Kipling on the north side next to the vacuum cleaner repair store. Green and red sign. Great, juicy chicken with strong spicing. Stay away from everything else in there, but the whole chicken cut up is perfect.

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        1. re: romanruin

          I agree with romanruin regarding the chicken, the place is called Bom Apetite Churrasqueirra @ 1176 The Queensway, which is about 2-3 blocks west of the imho the ' Worst Portuguese Chicken '.

          I disagree with Romanruin regarding the rest; have you try the Mussels or Ribs from Bom Apetite? They are as good as the chicken. The potatoes and rice are as good as I’ve had from other Churrasqueirra’s.

          There is a thread about Best Churrasco Chicken in Toronto, unsure how to link to it.

        2. Not certain if you want to venture further afield, but when I lived in the 'hood, I was a fanatic for Churrasco of St Clair (St Clair W at Christie). It was pretty much only take-out, but sweet Jesus, it was good. I lived there in the early '90s, and did it a couple of times a week, and last I went was autumn 2005, and it was still great.

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          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            It's still great, hp. Unique sauce and everything is well-prepared with love.

          2. Bom Apetite is really good, but I have another place I want you to try if you're ever in brampton

            It's called Nova-Esperanca, their website is

            It's also pretty spectacular, I've tried alot of the common places and the worst lately, for me at least, is Bairrada. the mississauga location at least has some DRY chicken

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            1. re: duckdown

              Actually, I have!
              I was at the plaza there to pick up some Sports Supplements (SND) and Nova caught my eyes/nose ... grabbed a 1/2 dinner spicy. AWESOME STUFF!

              1. re: 5andman

                Very nice! :)

                Yeah, its a completely family owned & operated place and everybody working there knows exactly what theyre doing

                I've never had a bad chicken from there unlike Bairrada or Marios BBQ