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Nov 15, 2007 05:45 PM

Late Night Eats in Charlotte

Any tips on late night eating in charlotte. I don't won't fast food just good cheap(<$10.00) food where I can sit down in a casual atmosphere after 11:00 pm. Anywhere in Charlotte is ok.

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  1. Brixx Pizza has serves late, several locations and a pizza is $8 - $10, good beer selection too.

    1. Not sure of the kitchen hours for the following, but a year or two ago, I could get late night fare at Thomas Street Tavern and Tavern on the Green. The Penguin may serve til 12 on Fri & Sat, 11 pm rest of the week. Hugo's Diner on South Blvd., near Woodlawn got good late night reviews. Not sure about Creation in Plaza-Midwood. Of course, there's also Skyland on South and the Landmark and San Remo on Central, but they're both typical greasy spoons.

      1. Have to put a plug in for Landmark Diner on Central Ave. A huge 7 page menu, with everything available all the time. Great pastrys and cakes too. The place doesn't get interesting until after midnight - love it.

        1. Cosmos Cafe in uptown is open until 2AM. I think there are a few spots that serve the late-night crowd uptown.

          You may want to check Big Ben British Pub on Providence. They make a pretty decent fish and chips. Or for that matter, go to Sir Edmund Haley's in Park Road shopping center. They advertise they are the best place for late night dining in the South and the make great fish and chips! ($10.25 for a half order) and good burgers.

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            Just a note that we tried to going to Cosmos Cafe one night after a concert, but they were enforcing a dress code (no jeans, etc). We tried Ri-Ra's, but there were doing a cover charge for the live music. Finally we went to Zink but wished we hadn't. It ain't cheap and the food isn't worth the price you're paying for the scene.

            Sorry that I am not at all helpful on the late night scene. I'm a reservations at 7 pm kinda gal.

            1. re: hazardnc

              I just went to Sir Edmond's Saturday and my husband and I decided it would be out last visit. They got rid of 2 English beers that have been on tap for ages to opt for domestics. And the menu is a mess. Egg rolls and quesadillas. My husband and I joked that we may see them on kitchen nightmares sometime soon.

              Fuel Pizza I would not recommend to anyone who was not an enemy. Their pizza is disgusting.

              Big Ben over-salts everything. I spoke to another couple who also said they had this same over-salting experience. The fish that they use for their fish and chips does not lend itself to the proper texture of fish and chips.

              Thomas Street and Penguin are always good. Thomas Street's Commonwealth roast beef is wonderful, made w/ locally baked rolls from Nova's Bakery. I’d also recommend Hawthorne Pizza, they have great beers on tap, good pizza, but bad starters. Mac’s is great and is open until 2AM.

              1. re: littlegirltree

                Sir Edmond's does have a weird menu, and the smoke in there is awful, but they do (or did) make good fish and chips. Big Ben is a real bar with bar food (not good, but serves the purpose of absorbing alcohol).

                I like going to Thomas Street Tavern but I have never liked their food. The place is worth it for the atmosphere - a wonderful mix of folks as is the Penguin.

                Sadly, the most popular late-night spot - Athens - closed some time ago. It wasn't very good, but it was the kind of late-night greasy spoon that the night owls seem to love.

                We hate Fuel Pizza and have tired of Brixx.

            2. The Comet on Park Road (hole in the wall but great food and live music)

              PIta Pit or Fuel Pizza uptown

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                I will never go to the Comet again. The one and only time I went, the bottle of ketchup sitting on our table spontaneously exploded - can you say botulism?

                1. re: hazardnc

                  Haha, the only time I was there I vowed to never go again because I coudn't get the smell of grease off my clothes, hair, skin for what seemed like days. And that was despite a Silkwood-style dousing.

                  1. re: hazardnc

                    It's not botulism, it comes from servers topping off ketchup, rinsing the neck and letting a bit of water get into the ketchup and not refrigirating the ketchup. It sours and causes an "explosion" when opened or even on it's own if not closed well. Very messy and tastes nasty but it won't kill you. If ketchup looks "bubbly" in the bottle don't use.

                    Back to topic, the Landmark is great for late night, it is what it is-a diner with a very diverse customer base, wide variety and a pretty good breakfast.