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Nov 15, 2007 04:55 PM

Lemon-Lime Soda to Keep Apples from Browning?

In discussing ways to keep chopped apples nice for a waldorf salad, my sister said that lemon-lime soda is supposed to keep the cut apples from turning brown (before you have added the myo, etc.).

i guess this makes sense, with citric acid in the soda. any other reasons this would be better than, say, plain water acidulated with lemon juice? i know the soda will also have sugar or sweetener (HFCS), but i don't think that would deter my sister, if its easy.

Your ideas?

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  1. crushed up vitamin c pill will work. I believe alton brown added it to some pesto or something of that nature to prevent it from changing color.

    1. I'm not a chemist or anything but I thought it had to do more with the vitamin C so that's why you use citrus like lemon rather than an acid like vinegar. It has to do with oxidation, meaning that as it is losing electrons, it is turning brown so I guess vitamin c slows down the process of electron exchanging of something.

      1. Ball, the canning supply company, makes Fruit Fresh, which has been used forever for this purpose. I think it's citric acid with Vitamin C added. Works like a dream to keep things like fruit salad from turning brown for hours and hours.
        Your sister may have used lemon-lime soda because it was handy and it worked pretty well. It has citric acid in it but, as you say, also sugar, but much more likely HFCS, since almost no soft drinks use sugar any longer. I suppose you could use diet lemon-lime but the Fruit Fresh is probably much more dependable.
        Acidulated water would also work but not for as long a time as Fruit Fresh.
        Vinegar is acetic acid and will give a sharp taste to your fruit.

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          she has fruit fresh, makingsense! hey, i'll let her try it and give a report! (cause i won't change her mind!) ;-)