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Nov 15, 2007 04:32 PM

Myth or Scot Howard or...?

What is the best option for dinner following a couple of hours at the bubble lounge (so it needs to be within walking (well, stumbling), distance.

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  1. I would definitely go for Myth. I went to both within a few weeks of each other and much preferred Myth as being far more innovative and interesting. Too many of Scott Howard's dishes are too similar to each other (a piece of grilled meat atop a creamy carb of some sort).

    With Myth, you can start with amazing oysters, move on to half-orders of gnocchi or foie-penne, and then go into some really amazing entrees.

    To me, Scott Howard was just "eh."

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      Big Myth fan, not a Sott Howard fan. Agree with carrie

    2. Okay, must admit I haven't been to Scott Howard, but Myth is great and I would choose it!

      1. I'm also a Myth fan and wanted to point out that they serve the full menu in the bar area, in case the wait for a table is too long.

        1. I've been to both and very recently enjoyed a good meal at Scott Howard. We were there for the 930-10pm any 3 course prix fixe. I liked that the whole menu was open to me to choose from. I also enjoyed the ambiance b/c the tables are decently far apart (a rarity these days) with dim lighting making quiet conversation possible. I had the scallop sashimi (great), the quail (good-great) which was partially boned for easy consumption, and the monkfish (good). I also tried the tuna tartare (ok-good), pork belly (good) and the venison which was served very rare (and I usually like my meat rare). I think the venison could have used another minute on the heat, but my dining companion liked it. Overall, I though it was a good value for the amount, quality, and creativity of the dishes. I was disappointed that the foie wasn't on the menu the night I was there. Both my dining companion and I are big eaters and I was worried that 3 dishes each wouldn't be enough but it was plenty.

          If you go to Myth and reserve in advance, I would request on of the booths which feel more private than the center of the room tables. The oysters I had there weren't very good (this was a while back) but I like to indulge and get the small portion of the foie gras cream pasta, it's very rich. The sweetbread salad is usually very good there too. The rabbit dish has been ordered 2 times while I've been there, one time it was very good and the other it had some dry bites.

          I personally think they are both tasty options. The later reservation times at Scott Howard may still be worth 1000 points on opentable too. I think that the dishes at Scott Howard are varied enough that you don't have to end up with all meaty/pureed carb dishes unless that's what you order.

          1. Globe is walking distance. And it is very good. Reservations are rec, but we walked in and sat at the bar. Great food and service.

            Globe Restaurant
            290 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94111