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Nov 15, 2007 04:31 PM

Vibe (and food) like the old Paris Commune?

So I may be asking too much here, but here goes....
My wife and I will be coming into Manhattan from Brooklyn for a Saturday night date.
Since we don't have reservations, we won't even entertain the big players. We've always done well in the past with a no reservations dinner so what the heck.

I'm envisioning a place on par with the now closed Paris Commune in the West Village- romantic, cozy, adult and relatively easy to get a table on Saturday if you go early enough.
Anything in Chelsea? West Village or maybe even Tribeca?

Here are the requirements, in no particular order:

1. Romantic, candlelit and quiet. CAN'T be loud and full of drunk idiots, high volume music or -too- many fabulous people.
2. Should be downtown, below 23rd, East or West.
3. " New American" or " Classic" NY, Spanish - tapas or otherwise, perhaps bistro French
4. Obviously, we'd like great food, a decent wine list and a full bar. We'd spend $100 a person pre drinks.

Thanks so much hounders for whatever you can think of!

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  1. Le Gigot comes to mind - I remember Paris Commune. It's on Cornelia Street. Another option is AOC Bedford, though I recently read on CH that someone thought the food was going down hill.

    1. Paris Commune still exists. It moved several years ago to Bank and Greenwich Sts. (not Greenwich Ave.). I have been there twice and was not at all impressed with the food. A much better choice in the west village would be Jarnac, on 12th at Greenwich St. I think the atmosphere at Jarnac is more like the old Paris Commune than the new one. If definitely fits your description of what you are looking for. Personally, I would never go to a restaurant on Saturday without a reservation, so I would suggest checking with any restaurant you are interested in to see how busy they get. Another place that comes to mind is Punch, on Broadway and 20th. The food is eclectic and wonderful, very reasonably priced, and a great atmosphere. Though I have found it a bit noisy occasionally, you can always hear yourself talk. I think you can get in without reserving.

      1. Try Le Veau D'Or. Straight out of the 1940s. Owner included. Waiter included too. It's usually veeeeery quiet and it's a small place. Mm, not downtown though. Midtown off Park. It inspires questions of "How'd you find this place?"

        BTW, your Paris Commune question made me think "Why does someone want a restaurant with drunken revolutionaries running around while Prussians siege the exterior of the establishment?"

        1. La Luncheonette on 18th Street & 10th Avenue fits your description. The French food is authentic and delicious.

          1. Places I find to be cozy, adult, etc (and most importantly with great food) in the West Village:

            Cafe Asean: Southeast Asian
            Casa: Brazilian
            Cafe Condesa: Spanish American
            Alta: Creative Tapas