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Nov 15, 2007 04:22 PM

Dylan's Raw Bar, Grosse Pointe Park MI?

Hi Motowners. Am heading out on an errand with a friend on Detroit's east side next week, and I wondered about this new place in GPP. Has anyone tried it? Sounds as though they kept the oyster bar from Tom's, which was there before, and added new small-plates offerings, which could be great if done right. Anything else that's new and different in the Pointes/east side area, preferably not too far from the city?

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  1. Try Chick Taylor's City Kitchen. He's from the old Joe Muers in down town Detroit. Food is top notch.

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      have not been there. does he still still make seared salmon with carmelized capers in a parsley butter sauce - one of my all time favs. how about the white bean salad and vinegary cole slaw. i miss joe muer's.